Molonlabe Prayer List
I love it when one of God's Plans Comes Together

Dear Prayer Angels:

       Please pray for the following:

God Bless:

21 Oct 09

        Kindly pray for my brother Carlos who has lost weight and is now with fever and asked to do all tests. God Bless


       Please lift up prayers for Rose, who lost her husband three years ago, works very hard, and has had major health issues in the past year. Also pray for the repose of the soul of her husband. Also for Mr. Sanford, who is elderly, works as a security guard in the building where I work, had bypass surgery a few months ago, and is now having more heart problems. Thank you and God bless you.

Please keep Raul Villarreal in your daily prayers - he has bone cancer. Also pray for his wife and family. Continued prayers needed for Jorge Lionel Alfaro, a young man who is in jail, but who needs urgent psychiatric help. A move from the jail to the hospital is expected soon. Please also pray that our Lord will sustain him, as well as his family, and may the Holy Ghost enlighten all of the people involved in this case. My sister Margara fell a couple of days ago, and was badly hurt. My other sister, Maria Luisa, was involved in a car accident - her vehicle was totaled. She also needs prayers for her marriage. I would very much appreciate your prayers for both of them and their families. Thank you and God love you all.


       Sister Sue Ives, of the Hillside Christian Church in Canyonville, is in a Portland Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit suffering from a blood infection. Please pray for this beautiful Christian Lady - that she may over- come this malady very soon. She has suffered much! Thank you and God Bless,

Denora Hackett

Tammy (Rockingham, USA-NC): Please pray that God reconciles and restores the marriage between Todd and Tammy Moore and also pray that God touches Todd s heart and softens it and that God comes into Todd's life, heart and soul and guides him back home to his wife and children. I ask this in God's Holy name.

Joseph (SOMALIA): Please pray for Bashir. He is in jail in the Etheopian region of Somalia, accused of abusing Mohammed the prophet. We have received word that they will go by Islamic law and crucify him. Muslims are not allowed to deny their own religion.

Kevin Profit (Jacksonville, USA-FL): My cousin by marriage molested Chris and I am fuming for revenge by way of justice without delay. The police have done nothing. I really hope I don't end up trying to handie this myself... God, I need some help now.

Vanessa Gray: Restoration has been decreed 7-fold, in Yeshua's name! May God enrich your victorious journey to higher heights of his glory so that the Kingdom of God is at work in His children.

John B.: Thank You always, Lord, for every day with You. Thank You for leading us; thank You for showing us Your Glory; thank You for building hope & trust in You. Nothing before us is an obstacle in Your sight, for we have victory with You. Fill me tonight, Lord, with dreams & visions of Your will.

Wanda (USA-GA): Pray for families in our community to stop just saying they are going to church, and come on in to Jesus. May all hindrances be moved.

Salwan (Baghdad, IRAQ): I'll be more than grateful for all your prayers for my father's diabetic foot ulceration that is worsening... it seems that we're running out of time and there is a serious chance that he might develop gangrene in the toe. I know that our Almighty God can fully heal my father's foot.

Irene (Kajang, MALAYSIA): Please pray for Sis Iris. Her husband has taken interest in another woman. Pray that he will not send Iris away or neglect her as wife. Pray that the Lord will protect and restore the marriage relationship and destroy the spirit of jealousy and the spirit of divorce.

Jimbo (Murphy, USA-NC): Pray for brother Chester Jones who suffers great oppression, that God may be pleased to minister the life of Christ to him in sufficient degree that restores his joy and lightens his burdens in service to Jesus Christ, by the influx of that Holy Life.

Marshall Diakon

       Ben remains in the Cardiac Step Down Unit at Children's. He is still on oxygen and will have a chest x ray today to see if progress is being made--this complication arose from a drug reaction that we mentioned on an earlier post. He had a hearty breakfast and continues with the supplemental feeding tube. He plans on doing occupational and physical therapy today. Thank you for your prayers. We have been blessed by the people in our lives. Gilbert Keith Chesterton (one of Ben's favorite authors) mentioned the goodness of humanity: There are times when we are almost crushed, not so much with the load of the evil as with the load of the goodness of humanity, when we feel that we are nothing but the inheritors of a humiliating splendour. (from The Defendant).

Keith, Susan & Josh

        This morning, Toni N and I were praying outside of Womancare. The first abortion client, a young girl with her mother, had already gone inside the building when I arrived. Just as Toni finished telling me about them, a car pulled up and a young man got out. He had a sad expression on his face, and explained to me that it was too late to save his baby. His girlfriend had already had the laminaria put in yesterday. She had a terrible, painful night, and they had talked briefly about whether it was possible to stop the abortion now and have the laminaria removed, but they didn't seriously consider it. My immediate fear was whether she might already be in the building, but he walked around the back and confirmed that her car wasn't there yet. He told me that he wouldn't be mad at her if she continued the pregnancy, and said that he really did want to see the baby...and so I asked him gently, "Do you know if they injected digoxin in the baby's heart yesterday to kill it or not? If they did that, there is nothing we can do." When I said that, a large tear fell down his cheek and he admitted that he didn't know. A few minutes later his girlfriend arrived. He met her behind the car in the parking lot and urged her to walk over to talk to us on the sidewalk. At first it didn't seem like she would change her mind, even though she was obviously struggling inside. I was holding my "I regret my abortion" sign and after a couple different approaches didn't seem to be connecting, I finally said to her, "God threw me so many lifelines to try and help me change my mind, but I didn't take them. He is throwing you a lifeline now. Please, let us help you!" She agreed reluctantly to follow me to The Problem Pregnancy Center, where I asked her more about her situation. After describing what the doctor had done the day before, it didn't sound like he had used digoxin. I asked her, " Can you feel the baby move?" She said sadly, "No." "Then we will have to just see what's going on when we get to the doctor," I said. There are several strongly pro-life doctors in the area, although I was nervous about whether they would actually see her. This is the first time I have ever had a client change her mind at this stage. The very first doctor on the list said "Absolutely!" and so we were on our way to his office a few minutes later. The staff at this office were beautiful to her, and her boyfriend. They made on over them, excited that they had changed their mind, and just surrounded them with love. I waited in the lobby for what seemed like ages, but when they came out, both of them were beaming. The baby's heartbeat is a very strong 150 beats per minute, and there is an absolutely adorable ultrasound picture that shows without a doubt that their baby is a boy! One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen is the expression on that father's face when he told me, "As they did the ultrasound, he turned over and waved at us!" Please keep them in constant prayer. The situation is the best that could possibly be hoped for, however it's still critical. The abortionist put in 7 laminaria - but failed to puncture the amniotic sac ( which would have practically doomed her baby to die of an infection.) Her cervix is long ( great) and, considering how many laminaria were in place, it is surprisingly little dilated. The doctor is very hopeful that her cervix will close completely by Monday, when she is scheduled to go back to see him. If she develops an infection - her risk of miscarriage is high. The doctor put her on two different strong antibiotics, and now it is in God's hands. We will be working to try and get her money refunded to her. The abortion clinic collected $200 from her the day they did lab-work and the ultrasound (not refundable), and $800 from her the first day of the procedure. They are only allowed by law to keep what reasonable charges apply to the portion of the procedure that was done. The rest they have to give back to her. I am not sure how to go about that, and may need some legal advice! When we determine which portion of the money is non-refundable, I would love to take up a collection to reimburse them for that amount so that they are not out of pocket....the main reason they considered abortion is financial. I just think it would be a kind gesture from those of us in the faith community! Pray, pray, pray! and trust God now.. .. What beautiful fruit from our 40 days!


Nancy Everett - Jon's dad, Al Everett, has cancer. We ask for prayer that he is right with Christ and he has comfort as Donna Renard - Please pray for my mother, Arlene Cheler, who fell and broke her shoulder and knee. She had shoulder surgery and has been put in a rest home. Thank you!

Muriel Hubbard - Betty still needs our prayers (my daughter). They had to re-do her jaw last week. My Brother needs our Prayers as he is going through rough times. I will be going to see him next week. He lives in N.C.. I have not seen him or my sisters in 30 years. Thank you all for your prayers. May God bless and keep all of you safe. Love, Muriel.

Werner - Another plea for a "MEDITATION CLASS". "If praying is 'talking' to God, Meditation is 'listening' to God!"

Continuous prayers for my brother, Tim Martin. Monday, 10/19, will be his last chemo & radiation treatment. He will rest 5 weeks, then surgery to remove a rectal tumor. Our great hope is that it will be so diminished in size that it can be removed without dam- aging the sphincter muscle. Tim is so grateful for your prayers. I love all of you. Rebecca Edwards

Theresa's mother, Belva Mathies (82) is in the Oregon City hospital - taken in (again) last evening with a blood pressure reading of 80/0 - yes, 80 over 0! Now, today, apparently with an increased BP, her heart is "racing". She had gone into the hospital yesterday for a blood transfusion (with a "black stool", she obviously is bleed- ing somewhere internally, but the doctors can't tell where at this time(?)! ! ! Under those circumstances, why did they send her home? Please pray for Mrs. Mathies, her husband, who suffers with demmentia, and the rest of her family and friends.

From: Anna N My beloved sister Florida Joseph Nkebukwa is suffering from pelvic cancer and has a huge swelling on her head which is also said to be caused by cancer. She is now unable to walk. Also a close friend of mine Cecila Anaclet has cancer of the uterus. She has been bed-ridden for more than six months now. Please pray for them especially for their spiritual preparation so that if it is not God's will to grant them physical recovery, they should be prepared spiritually. Please also pray for us the caretakers so that we do the work charitably and for the love of God and our loved ones. Thank you very much for this very special service to which we can turn for prayers and assurance that we are not alone in our difficulties.

From Fr. John Peterson, OP For Mrs. Virginia Ertel who is in a coma and in danger of death.

From Brenda V For my grandmother Vida Richards who is very near death and very weak. Please pray for a peaceful death for her.

Dan Jocoy - Karen Cockren - Severe medical issues - Needs caretaker - able to pay up to 75 hrs. each month. Also needs meals brought in. Call Church Office 863-6657 if you can help. Thank you!

Dawn Cockrum - A prayedr of thanks and gratitude for you, my Church Family. Thank you for your prayers & phone calls for me during my recent kidney stone hospitalization. This incident was great testimony to the doctors & nurses, as I got to express my faith many times! ! ! ! ! ! !

Ida McFarlan - For me & my family. Roger, Don & Debbie (I'm a member for over 40 years.) Thank you and God Bless! ! !

Bro. Hugh

       I'm recuperating from swine flu and pneumonia. Hopefully now fully recovered and going back to work one day this week. Prayers wouldn't hurt, though.


       Just a quick note my girlfriend Susan needs prayers. She's in the hospital with bleeding ulcers and a tumor on her back and shoulder. They're pretty sure its cancerous from the tests they've done so far. She also suffers from depression. I told her I would write to you and she perked up. Thanks,


       Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am writing this prayer request to ask for prayers for a Christian family in crisis. Since Don has finished his course here on this earth I have lost track of many of my prayer partner contacts. I continue on because that is the only choice I have. I believe God is the answer to all our problems. We must hold fast to his word and believe it. This family is nameless as I do not have permission from both parties to ask for prayers. The husband called me because he knew Don and I were involved in Marriage Encounter. It seems his wife is wanting an emotional divorce. She is asking for a legal separation. The marriage has had problems but the economy has caused a rift because of the need for more and more things. There are so many marriages that have been broken by the loss of income. But there have been many marriages strengthened by this same event. Please pray for this couple that the wife would be willing to go to marriage counseling with her husband. They have not as yet been to a professional Marriage Councelor. They have three children together and these children need to see these two Christian parents working to save their marriage. He is asking for prayers that she will soften her heart and love him unconditionally instead of as a paycheck. If you email me back I will keep you updated as I hear from them. Please pass this on to other praying Christians who believe in marriage. Love in Jesus Christ,

Wilma Flanagan

       Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am writing this prayer request to ask for prayers for a Christian family in crisis. Since Don has finished his course here on this earth I have lost track of many of my prayer partner contacts. I continue on because that is the only choice I have. I believe God is the answer to all our problems. We must hold fast to his word and believe it. This family is nameless as I do not have permission from both parties to ask for prayers. The husband called me because he knew Don and I were involved in Marriage Encounter. It seems his wife is wanting an emotional divorce. She is asking for a legal separation. The marriage has had problems but the economy has caused a rift because of the need for more and more things. There are so many marriages that have been broken by the loss of income. But there have been many marriages strengthened by this same event. Please pray for this couple that the wife would be willing to go to marriage counseling with her husband. They have not as yet been to a professional Marriage Councelor. They have three children together and these children need to see these two Christian parents working to save their marriage. He is asking for prayers that she will soften her heart and love him unconditionally instead of as a paycheck. If you email me back I will keep you updated as I hear from them. Please pass this on to other praying Christians who believe in marriage. Love in Jesus Christ,

Wilma Flanagan

18 Oct 09

       Please pray for our daughters Tiffany and Britney and our son Shawn. Tiffany was sick and is feeling better and Britney and Shawn are sick now. I have been up with Britney off and on thru the night and Shawn is just beginning cold symtoms. Please pray for a speedy recovery and comfort from Jesus. We haven't been to Church for a couple weeks, but not due to sickness. My Dad and favorite Uncle came to visit from Ohio and last week my back was hurting and I did'nt feel good. Miss you all and praying for those of you who are sick as well. Thank you in advance for praying and thank you God for listening to our prayers and answering. Love,

Cindy Spingath

       Mr. Larry Behling - I request you keep him in your prayres as his wife has cancer and is undergoing treatment . I told him you would mention him to the prayer warriors.and this is a good opportunity for a witness. Thanks Hugh . I'm going to read 2 Peter when I get home tonight.. Adios ...

Steve D.

       Please pray for Taylor, Christy and Danny. Taylor is my nephew, Jim's sister Christy's son. He is almost 3 years old. He has had breathing problems and frequent illnesses since he was very little. Christy and Danny have been through so much with Danny's illness that it makes me sad to think that they would have the added weight of Taylor being chronically ill. Jim and the kids are going down to Texas to visit them this week. Pray that Jim's visit will bring some fun and joy into the next couple of weeks.


       Callie has her perfusion scan scheduled for this Wednesday morning. The results of this will be sent to Dr. Hanley and then he will make the decision whether to do the final repair and when. The perfusion scan will have to be done when she is sedated. Other than that, it's not a very risky procedure although all procedures have some risk to them. We also have an appt with a facial/cranial doc and are on the short list for any cancellations for the one and only special needs dentist in the state. Callie was fitted for orthotics that we are told we will receive soon. This will allow her to walk with straight ankles. Our local PCP has reserved a swine flu vaccination for Callie as well as Noah and Cozy to give her the most protection possible. She continues to do well. She bores easily. Being attached to the pump makes getting out and about difficult. The house is a giant toy room with "My Little Pony" running continuously in the background. She craves the outdoors though, asking continuously to go out back and swing. The heavy rains here in GA haven't allowed that to happen a lot of this past month. She is definitely getting cabin fever though, which is a good thing. She is eager to sit down at the table with Noah and Cozy when it's time to eat and wants what they are having. She'll put it to her lips to touch or fling it onto the floor but never eats. She will spent hours standing on a footstool at the sink of the kids' bathroom splashing in the water and walks around the house looking for something new to get into. She prefers to hold on hand on the wall or furniture for support as she is not confident to walk on her own, although she can if she puts her mind to it. I have her yearly meeting for county therapy this Tuesday. We are fighting for speech therapy. I am hoping for your prayers that she will be able to get some. Joe, Noah and Cozy are camping with scouts in Gainesville this weekend. It's in the fifties and drizzling, definitely not my cup of tea but they seemed happy when I talked to Joe this morning. :-) Will update,


       Dave’s status. I’ll send it out as things change. I’ll try to keep the updates brief and to the point. The surgery went well, so to speak. It took fewer hours than anticipated. He tolerated it as well as could be expected. This is what they found: The bacteria, Strep viridans, had colonized on the previously replaced heart valve and had destroyed (eaten through) heart tissue in several places. The doctor had to reinforce the heart tissue and “patch” two holes cause by the bacteria. The new valve was attached to the reinforced tissue. They had to place another chest tube last night around 7 PM. He was fairly stable when I left at 9:30 PM last night. The wide spread infection cause a systemic shock response from his body, so his recovery will be long and arduous with full functioning expected somewhere in December or there about. As we know Dave is a fighter and with your prayers and support and God’s grace, he’ll make it. Your responses to my first email have been a blessing for me. I will save them all and I know that they will encourage Dave when he is able to come home and begin the challenge of rehab. Thank you and God bless you all,


       Debbie H, dying of cancer Ruth D, tests for cancer, many health issues Beth P, fibromyalgia and leg pain Dewy R Nadia--pregnant, seeking abortion--pray she choose life BEtter economy and a job for a prayerful person who is asking Healing for Carolyn--severe drinking problem--and for her family Shelley--very ill and Janet--cancer Bill S--very ill, cancer Cheryl R--lots of life stresses Ralph M, prostrate cancer and Elaine M, his caregiver

Good Shepherd Gift Shop

        Angela Bill Hannah--doing better after leukemia relapse. Please continue prayers. Is a child 11 year old Stella has lyme disease--lots of pain Jerry M--cancer Sol H's wife--ill Terry C--pray that nodule on her thyroid is benign Cynthia D and many problems Kathy F--many health issues VF--prayers for health and special intention

John and Marguerite Q

       Please pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart! PLEASE VERY EMERGENCY Prayer REQUEST FOR Nedime and Mehmet R and all their children and all their family trees, Nedime had high blood pressure that blinded her eye, taken to emergency, they did something lazer to her eye that destroyed her eye and also the other eye is troubling her and her bones about to collapse and She is only 62 years and taking care of many family members. please put on the Altar and in the Chalice Tahsin and all his family tree members and all their needs and a very special intentions. And Irfan and his family tree and all their problems. God's Will be done. Please for Jesus' sake pray for and PUT on the Altar, in the Chalice the souls of all those waiting to be Beatified or Canonized in Heaven and all the deads and the dyings, and all my family tree and dear ones and all those I ever prayed for, please pray ALSO for and put on the Altar, in the Divine Chalice : Fr Termini and Nedime and Mehmet and Fevziye and Irfan and Ali and Tahsin and Sherif and Ismail and Yildiz and Sema and Serap and Zeynep Sude and Faruk Arda and Mehmet Berke and Hamdi and Lara Nedime and -FARUK-and-MUFIDE, and Zeynep and Emmun and Seda and Semra and Acip and Alo and Salih and Emir and Emile and Sherife, Hikmet and all the children born, unborn and families AND BLOOD LINES living and dead past, present, future members that the LORD will have Mercy on us, convert us, forgive us, heal us, grant us longest lifes, salvation, Holy visions, Holy revelations about the Truth, fill us with His Holy Ghost, clothe us with His Divine Grace and hide us in the Cithadel of THE SACRED HEARTS OF JESUS, MARY AND JOSEF and in the BLOOD in the bleeding SACRED WOUND OF HIS SACRED HEART for all eternity with all our Churches, religious vocations, all our problems, all our houses, transportation vehicles, work places, material possesions, dear ones, all our travels , that not any evils, dangers, disasters, will come near us and not any enemy will ever be able to harm us or any dear ones or anything that blong to us in any way and that nothing and nobody will be able to prevent GOD's Will, destined for us from all eternity, from being entirely fullfilled in our lives. And Mufide and her family and all needs and all intentions. God will Bless you abondantly from Heaven, in Jesus's Mighty Name I pray.


       For my grandson, 9 year old Wyatt B, who has swine flu in the lungs. He is on antibiotic but it is very dangerous when this is in the lungs.

Janet A

       My friend's daughter Elaine was operated on yesterday for Thyroid cancer. Please send out prayer requests.

Gloria P.

       Hi Bill Im looking forward to seeing the new page right now i am not mobile due to having foot surgery a couple weeks ago please add me to the prayer list if possible for a good recovery and a job for my husband as he has been out of work now for over a year.

Kathy M.

       Just got the news today he was operated for the retina and has to do another operation this coming Monday thanks for your prayers and please continue to pray.Prayed for all you prayer warriors in Fatima. God Bless Kindly pray for Sergio Felizardo who is going to operated for eye displacement of the retina. He is a young boy of 32 will be operated within a week.


For Joel G, bad drinking problem.

For Rudy and Lucille P.

For the repose of the soul of Ann Jones.


       Could I please request prayers for our nonie, whose name is Catherine? She is in the process of dying as I write this and she is very frightened. She is a 96-year-old lapsed Catholic. She did have the last rites, but she is very frightened and disoriented. Could you please pray that she can relax and trust in the mercy of God? Thanks and God bless you,

Sidney Jude

       Ben was having a fantastic morning yesterday and had walked and sat on the couch for an hour and a half, socializing with the family, when he had a tumble and caused an injury to his right leg, the leg of the partial amputation. He was in pain last night, but is doing much better this morning. The sun is shining and hope springs to the heart! Ben will require a few stitches to the site at a later time. Otherwise, all systems are improving. Dear friends, thank you for your ongoing prayers! We deeply appreciate them, love,

Keith, Susan, Josh and Ben

       Can we all pray for Alex H - he is very depressed and in and out of the hospital they need to find the right kind of medicine for him he is only 22 with his whole life a head of him? And for Florence, who suffered a terrible stroke and is not doing well. Thank you and God Bless

Carol Ann

       I beg for your prayers for a Denver, Colorado Seminarian who is very ill with pneumonia. Thanking your and all the prayer warriors for the healing of Huy Nyguen, trusting in Jesus' Mercy and Healing Hand. For the Lord is Merciful to those that Love Him.

Elizabeth W

       Please pray for Dalia who has a gall stone and will go into surgery within the next two or three weeks. Also, please pray for the conversion and return to the church of all my family and extended family. And please pray for me! Thank you and God bless,


Javod (IRAN): I am a believer in the country of Iran. Our church meets in my house. I have 10 acres of land that, if I do not sell this week, the bank will take everything I have including my house.

pastor Joseph Gilson (Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM): Please pray for me and the church. I need God.

Shomir (Comilla, BANGLADESH): Please pray for thieves that have stolen my blessing they may repent and return my blessings.

Marshall Diakon

       For my grandson, 9 year old Wyatt B, who has swine flu in the lungs. He is on antibiotic but it is very dangerous when this is in the lungs. Thank you and God bless,

Janet A

       A gentleman Lee and Royda have been bringing to church for quite some time now - RONNIE NEAL - of Glendale, passed away last evening. Please pray for his Mom and Sister. (Mom has lung cancer - which appears and is reported to be terminal!) When my Audrey greeted Ronnie (above) last Sunday at church, he told her he did not expect to be around much longer. I guess he. quite seriously, felt it coming on! Thank God Ronnie had found the Lord prior to his passing. He had become quite a figure head at the church and lack of his presence will be quite noticeable.

Bro Lee Cole

       Wilda Hitt called in: Sister Dawn Cockrum scheduled for Kidney Stone surgery. Details not known at this time. Please pray for this fine lady! Wilda, herself, has been experiencing considerable pain in her back and neck today. Please pray for her pain relief. Sarah Raatz asks for prayers for her husband, Jeff, who is in his fourth day of "insomnia". Please pray he can overcome the anxiety that is causing this so he can regain his rest that is required for good health. Wilda Hitt called back - after locating our Preacher Dan who is in California at his mother's home! His mother's neighbor's husband passed away, and Preacher Dan is being "Preacher Dan", serving God as he is called to do! One of our Sister's in Christ is being condemned and told by her "former" friends that she is NOT being a good Christian, Mother, or Wife. This, of course, hurts and concerns her greatly! I believe I know her to be very conscientious on these points, so advised her to pray and forgive her accusers - not allowing their remarks to strike home with her - as she knows her true feelings, responsibilities, and attitudes in these matters. Also, the MORE "Christlike" she becomes, the more Satan is going to continue to attack her, and very likely he will use any and all of her friends in this purpose, IF THEY ARE WILLING TO COOPERATE WITH HIM - even "unknowingly"! I advised her I would forward a request of all of the TCCC Prayer Warriors to pray in her behalf - and she is very grateful to you for doing so! (This lady, too, is a TCCC Prayer Warrior and prays for all others as she is requested! That includes many of you Christian folk who are reading this right now!) Thank you, and God Bless!

Bro Hugh

       I am so sorry to be writing this to you. I wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to seperate from John at this point. I have to start thinking about the future for Mitchell and I . John has done some pretty unforgiveable things over and over again but yet he thinks they are no big deal. He is not sorry and has shown no remorse. This leads me to believe that I am not what he wants. Mitchell and I will be staying with our family in Indiana while I try to finish up the last of my schooling. I will not keep you from contact with Mitchell in anyway. You have all been good to me and I thank you for that. Please know that I sought help and this was the last thing I ever wanted. Love


       Hello everyone this is Heather, Ann has asked me to come and update and ask for prayers. If you don't know Ann is in the hospital and the Dr's have found a tumor in her left lung. She is waiting to hear sometime today about whether this is cancer. We need all warriors to flood heaven in her name! Ann is strong and is keeping a good attitude she knows that she can beat this illness. I ask you all to pray for Ann and that she is healed and able to return home to continue to take care of her grand babies that she loves so very much! If you would pass this along and get the word out that Ann needs our prayers today! Ann has supported so many of us and I myself have turned to Ann for support many times and know that she is strong and that she will make it through this because she is a angel on earth. Thank you Ann for all you do and we are here for you!!! Love you and God Bless.....


       I'm sure you all remember Roc, my dog we prayed for when he had his mast cell cancer about a year and 1/2 ago. Well, I found another little red lump on his lips. I'm going to the vet tomorrow at 5:30. Please pray the cancer didn't come back. Thank you all for your prayers and here's a picture of Roc so you know who your praying for. Thank you so much. I know everyone has more important things to pray about and I totally understand but even if just for 30 seconds, please pray for Roc. I love him so much. Thank you so much and I love you all,


       Please send up some immediate prayers for my husband's sister Lee Ester. She lives in Anchorage (Alaska) and just had a major stroke. The Drs have induced a coma in hopes that the swelling on her brain will go down. Please pass this request on to any prayer warriors that you know and let's get her covered. Thank you and God Bless!


       Please hold in prayer Freeman Diaz, SFO, an elderly Franciscan husband and father who is hospitalized and not doing well. Also please pray for an anonymous mother and her boyfriend who are seeking abortion. The boyfriend called a prolife pregnancy center today, seeking an abortion for the girlfriend, and did not make an appointment to come in for advising. Please pray that the girlfriend call and come in and that she choose life for her baby and be able to stand up to the boyfriend who may be quite controlling and pushing for an abortion. May God reward you for your prayers.


       My sister Vivian became ill from a reaction to medication- She almost didn't make it- She is better now and wanting real food and to go home- Thanks to prayers God has given her back to us- She wasn't breathing when They took her in. Thank you.

Janet H

       Hey Dawn, We need prayers for my cousin Timmy's little baby Charlie. He was diagnosed with leukemia. Timmy is the son of my dad's brother Chuck that passed away a couple years ago. Love ya,


       In Pakistan our financially condition is not good i want to get higher studies in the field of technical but i have no financial support. Prayers please for my grandmother she is very ill & unfortunately we have no money for her treatment so pray for us. God bless you.

Sharjeel Neo

        Dear friends in Christ Jesus, I never imagined that I would have to mail you about such a miserable situation of my people here in my diocese. Time and again, the superiority of the nature over human is proved. For the last five days, we have been struck very badly by the floods. Thousands of hamlets were washed away. Huge damage of property and livestock. We were able to rescue as many people as possible. Now the big challenge before is to give them first aid and some food. You can log on to any indian news channel, especially Telugu News Channels and News Papers.. I wish and pray that we come into rescue of these poor souls who lost everything and just remained piece of flesh. Please refer to me for any further information God bless you

Fr.Balaswamy Bathini

        Please keep Joey in your prayers who recently had a seizure. Also for a friend who has been looking for a job for a little over a year now. God bless you,


        Please pray for a 10 yr old little girl whose mother doesn't seem to care. At 10 yrs old, she is already heading down a precarious path. She really needs the intercession of the Blessed Mother to help keep her straight. Thank you.

Cynthia L

        Father Stephen Kosinski's father, + Florian Kosinski died suddenly Monday night. Fr. Steve has requested prayers for his dad. Please also say a prayer for him, his sister Christine and her children. The funeral Mass is Friday.


       Sat. 10-10, my brother Charlie would have been 59. Please add prayers for his soul as he passed away this past June 7th. Thank you.

Ken Boroughs

       For Cynthia D and Consetta L and all their concerns and health issues.


       On a personal note I am asking for prayer for me and my family. Over the last four weeks my mother in law passed away, my husband was in an accident and his truck was totaled, his laptop for work got fried, his employment is pending due to the economy, yesterday my van was towed off the highway, today my son got bit by a dog and I am starting to feel overwhelmed. I know God is in control but I would appreciate your prayers.

Cheryl R

        I am coming to you again with another prayer request because I know the prayers of my brothers and sisters in the CFP are powerful. My sister Elizabeth (Emelia is the sister with breast cancer) called me at work and told me she was just leaving the hospital. She took my 16 year old niece (Victoria) to the doctor for a checkup because she was not feeling well and had been getting bruises the last few weeks. The doctor told her that my niece might have leukemia and she had to have all kinds of blood tests at the hospital. So we got some tests back and some results are high. The doctor said as of now they do not know what is going on "but there is definitely something brewing". They also did a chest x-ray because the doctor said there might be some nodes on the x-ray exam. She is scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow morning. I appreciate your prayers.


       Please pray for Lucas who was born last week with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck three times. Lucas has been in and out of intensive care and his life is on the line. He has been having seizures and is believed to have blood on the brain which could cause death if he experiences upset that will affect his little body. Lucas is much too young for surgery, for now we can only pray that he survive this ordeal until he is old enough, with as little harm done to him as possible. Please also pray for his parents and other family members. Thank you.

Carol O

10 Oct 09

Pray for Peyton Miller - Sheila and Jeff Miller's little boy -Adaline and Jim Wilborn's grandson...he has been diagnosed with swine flu tonight!

Sister Lisa Griffin, of right here in Tri-City, recently had surgery resulting in the complete removal of her thyroid. Now she is experiencing excessive pain and tiredness, as a result - along with other bodily function complications. The doctor assures her it is "nothing special" - but, unfortunately, she is not finding that to be true. Please pray for Lisa, her husband, Rick, and their family - that God will help her to overcome the problems she is experiencing.

Also, I received word today that Pastor Paulson has made it safely to Celina, Ohio - to his new residence there - with all of that good crappie fishing! ! ! "Thank You Father, for the Paulson's safe trip to Ohio - may they continue to have success in spreading Your Word where ever they reside and "preach"!" In Jesus' name I pray - Amen

Bro. Hugh



Donald Woody has been diagnosed with "cancer of the throat"! Plus, he has a heart condition! Is in Roseburg Hospital.

Woody's wife's sister, Ninette has been diagnosed with an enlarged aorta!

Brother Lee Cole

       For Steve B, thyroid cancer.

Father Julian Stead

       For Belmont Abbey which is under attack by the government for removing abortion, sterilization, and contraception coverage from its health plan (it did not know these were covered and when it discovered they were, it removed them). Please pray that institutions can follow their faith traditions.

Janet Abraham

       Jesus Our Lord, forgive me, my husband, and my children. Create repenting heart in them. pl. Jesus to purify them in His Precious Blood, sanctify them, anoint them for His Glory. Bless my son with a good job soon. He is struggling with the present job, very very unhappy. Heal him in spinal cord pain. Bless NM with a good job soon. PLEAD Jesus to deliver from all bondages, afflictions and curses. Be a mother to us Mary as you have been a Mother to us. Lord Jesus Heal Angela/ ailments.Help/ grow up to be your child, healthy, holy, & obedient. Convert all our building people/ harassing the Catholics


Brad & Catherin Nelson (Oakhurst, USA-CA): I would really like to meet with some others whom the Holy Spirit asking to gather in an organic simple way. Asking the Lord to help us.

Dalia (LITHUANIA): Please pray for my 17-years-old son, Lukas, he met bad friends who give him heroin. I pray that my Lord Jesus take care of him, that he live good life with God's love, care and my heart and eyes don't cry for him.

Marshall Diakon

8 Oct 09

       Please pray for Mary Riley, wife of Harry Riley, who just received a knee replacement. Please pray that all goes well.


6 Oct 09

       Please pray for Lowell Mix who has a severe lung problem that the Lord cure him of his ailment. Amen!


       Please pray for Elizabeth Taylor who is in the hospital with heart problems. Amen!


Please pray for an elderly gentleman who has colon cancer and has taken a turn for the worse.

For the soul of Mary Hejka, who died on Oct. 1st.


       Ben had a bit of a rough night. After getting sick to his stomach, his feeding tube became dislodged. This was disappointing since the added nourishment had boosted his energy. The plan is for it to be reinserted tomorrow since it is a surgical procedure. He can drink/eat light foods today, Sunday, as able. He requires a blood transfusion today and remains on oxygen. Thank you for your prayers. As you can imagine, he needs them on this arduous journey. Love and many, many thanks to every one of you,

Keith, Susan, Josh and Ben

       Please pray for Carolyn Rose Goyda who is in desperate need of help! Amen!


Sandra - Even though it's raining here, there are still fires burning and a lot of people fighting them. Please keep these people in your prayers for their safety & safe travels back home.

Debbie Dixon - Continue prayers for Don & Elaine Dixon, Continue prayers for Katy Caty & my friend Shelley - that they will find peace w/God! Please continue prayers for those who are in bondage of addictions - to break the chains and come know Jesus. Thanks again for your love for others and your prayers. ;-)

Hugh - Good to see so many brothers and sisters in Church this chilly, wet morning! Especially with Sarah, Jeff Raatz, and children back in circulation after Sarah's recent episode with a severe sinus infection. Thank you Father for her well being!

Kim Thayer - I am having heart surgery at the end of the month, maybe next month. I have a narrowing in my artery and it's not getting better!

Werner - If praying is talking to God. Meditating is listening to God. I used to meditate 2 X per week for 1 hour each (1 hour of TOTAL silence). I would like TCCC to sponsor, or have, or make, or do such a "Meditation Class"! My birthday is 25th I will be sixty.

Wife Victoria - Husband Terry. Terry had to have toe cut off - due to severe infection. Please pray for all of the above, as requested. Thank you and God Bless,

Bro. Hugh

4 Oct 09

       Kindly pray for the repose of the soul of Federico Cardenas, who passed away recently, and for his family. Please keep Dottsy's dad, Harold Brodt, in your daily prayers. He is 89 years old, and is bed-ridden. Also pray for Dottsy, Robin and their children. Thank you and God bless you.


Ishan Biswas (BANGLADESH): Pray for bangladesh on 6th Otober: world fasting prayer. Pray for 5 campus workers for more fruits of the Spirit and in the harvest of souls and for small groups [they are part] to grow spiritually.

Juldo Sylvain (Jersey City, USA-NJ): Deliverance from a spell they use against me since I was in Haiti.

Ama Kyerewaa Afrani (Kumasi, GHANA): Please, I would like you to pray that the Hand of God is revealed in the family so that my family can know the Lord. Also, God should help me thirst for Him the more and stop sinning.

Andrea A. Best (Government Hill, BARBADOS): I lost my job in April this year. The bank is calling me because my mortgage is long overdue. I can't pay my bills and don't know what to do. Why did I promise to pay for so long? Every day I fear the bailiffs calling. Please pray for me.

Kare Vanterpool (San Juan, USA-PR): it is 4 months on the 30th of September, 2009, since I've reconciled with the Lord, and I truly can say that He is who He said that He is; He is good and His mercies endure forever.

Rob Robideau (NEPAL): Toward the end of last month, we found out that my wife, Grace, has Multiple Sclerosis. Her health has been in a downward spiral since April of this year. The Lord has always taken care of us and we have no reason to believe that He will stop now.

Erma (Brampton, CANADA): My husband and I are going to court for a conference hearing on October 7/09. Please pray that God will speak to the judge, and that he and my husband will stop the divorce.

Tonya M. (Kalamazoo, USA-MI): For my husband and I to be closer and use the gifts that God has given us to truly be a blessing to other people. To help us move out the way and let the Holy Spirit reign in our lives so that we can truly advance the Kingdom of God. For our hearts to be cleansed and our minds renewed and the physical strength to take joy in the work God has called us to do.

Averil Millard (Norwood, SOUTH AFRICA): Please pray for me regarding my anxiety about employment. My work contract ended on August 31, and so far I have nothing as yet.

Elena: My mom's name is the same as mine; Elena. Few days ago, she died in Ukraine. Pray for her coming back to life.

Monika (POLAND): Lord Jesus, you are the Divine Physician, and the source of all life and health. Guide American nation at this critical moment, as American government seeks health care reforms. Give American elected officials and all the people the humility to know that they are servants, not masters.


       Here in my prayer request: I sit at breakfast with a couple who have been married sixty year and are such loving wonderful people. Before we eat each meal he asks the blessing of the Lord on our food and our lives. His wife Lela has a brother who has lung cancer and I told her I would ask the prayer warriors to pray for him. His name is Martin Cox. Thanks in advance for the prayers. Love in Christ,

Wilma Flanagan

       I am humbly asking for your prayers. Another super typhoon will surely hit us. May the good Lord have mercy on the Filipino people. We have not yet recovered from the past typhoon and another strong typhoon is coming. The typhoon Ketsana has claimed hundreds of lives and left many people homeless. Here's the link for some of the pictures taken during the Typhoon Ketsana: St.. Lorenzo Ruiz, first Filipino Saint and patron of the Philippines, intercede for us! Thank you very much.

Renel Pena

       Please pray for Dominique Kurdilla. She's the 18-year-old daughter of the man who repairs my sons' musical instruments. She has been critically injured in a car accident, with a broken pelvis and internal injuries. Thank you.


       Here I am again, asking for more prayers. I think you will all recall me telling you about Mother Snyder's neighbor (Willa), who lost her husband recently at only age 52 when a car collapsed on him. Two weeks after Willa's husband Rick passed Steve's Mom passed and poor Willa was devastated. The day of the funeral Willa phoned me from the parking lot of the funeral home crying hysterically telling me she just couldn't go inside. We both ended up crying with her on the phone and I made her turn the car around and drive home...I wanted to call her a cab but she insisted she could drive. I also made her promise she would call me the moment she returned home. Which she did. We talked for over an hour on the telephone and when I finally heard her catch her breath, I felt better. Two funerals in two weeks was too much for her. Now....on to my prayer request. Late this afternoon I received an email from Willa. Her Father passed away suddenly this morning. (sigh upon sigh upon sigh)....... This is all her email said: How broad are my shoulders? My Daddy passed away this morning from sepsis. Nasty blood infection. Keep us in your prayers. Love,


       Hugh, Would you please put my mother in law, Catherine Knapp on your prayer list. She had to be taken to the hospital for observation. She fell a few weeks ago and has been con- fused and very ill ever since. She is 89 years old and we ask for your prayer warriors prayers and Our Lady's inter- cession. Thank you. Sincerely,

Ed Baker

2 Oct 09

       Here are a few prayer updates: Ben, the teen who was in danger of death, is still running a fever of undetermined origin, and doctors are not sure how his kidneys will fare. He still needs our prayers but is doing better. The prolife pregnancy center in RI has a person interested in the director job, but the woman will not know until next week whether or not she can take the position. She would be excellent for the job. Please keep praying for this intention as the center is very busy and needs someone to take over so that women are helped and babies saved from abortion. Please pray for an unnamed couple who are 6 1/2 months pregnant and who are waiting for final results of prenatal testing before deciding whether or not to abort their baby. They will do so, if the baby is diagnosed with a disability. Please pray that God enlighten this couple about the value of human life. Please see for a book for mothers who have received an adverse diagnosis. It might be helpful to bookmark this site to use as needed for referral to parents. God bless you and let us pray for one another and for all doing penance worldwide!


       Please pray for Lucas who was born last week with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck three times. Lucas has been in and out of intensive care and his life is on the line. He has been having seizures and is believed to have blood on the brain which could cause death if he experiences upset that will affect his little body. Lucas is much too young for surgery, for now we can only pray that he survive this ordeal until he is old enough, with as little harm done to him as possible. Please also pray for his parents and other family members. Thank you. Thank you for your prayers,

Carol A. Owens

       I have a praise! My sister Pattie's husband Kenny is now home from the hospital and the clots on his lungs have been resolved. God is goood. My thanks to all the warriors.


       Please pray for my sister, Maria Luisa, who was involved in a car accident a couple of days ago; her vehicle was totaled. Prayers needed for all involved. Thank you and God bless you.


Kay (Miami, USA-FL): Father, my husband, Derrick, is the man with the Spirit that does accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for it is not foolish to him, and he can understand them, though they are spiritually discerned. - 1 Corinthians 2:14

Jason Duncan (Gallatin, USA-TN): I have been at E.R. since 2:30 AM. My Son, Jace, was diagnosed with an appendicitis. update: He's now recovering from surgery at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

Marshall Diakon

       1) I would like to ask the prayer warriors to put my business partner and friend Ricki Crane in their prayers tonight. She didn't know until a few minutes ago that she would have stomach surgery in Corvalis at Samaritan Hospital 12pm tomorrow. That is Tuesday the 29th. They will be taking a part of her stomach and intestine to resolve her medical problems. 2) I have a praise! My sister Pattie's husband Kenny is now home from the hospital and the clots on his lungs have been resolved. God is goood. My thanks to all the warriors.


        I just got off the phone with Roger Box. He told me that Donna is in the hospital in the ICU on life support. She almost died a couple of months ago from the same thing COPD. Last night she could not breath so Roger called the ambulance and they took her to Mercy. Only family members can visit at this time. I ask for all to pray that God's Will be done and that God gives the family comfort and strength through this terrible time. Thank you


       Please pray for Mikey’s hero Brody who is in the PICU at Scottish Rite. His condition has worsened today. He is septic from a central line infection which has caused a stroke and a continuing brain bleed. He had a shunt placed to drain the blood from his brain, but it has not stopped. He will have an MRI in the morning, but the doctors are not optimistic. Brody's mother is a pillar of strength and probably my #1 inspiration in the fight against Mitochondrial Disease. She has gone above and beyond in Brody's 8 years to fight for the best medical care and quality of life for him, and put everything else aside. He is lucky to have her as a mom. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Tonight and tomorrow will not be easy days for this wonderful mito family. The bigger picture is that this could easily happen to any of our friends who is affected by mito. While each mito child is different, they all face hard challenges every day. Mikey has been facing some difficult GI issues in the past couple of months, but we are thankful that he is able to be stable at home. However this is the underlying horror of this disease that you never know when, how long, or why. This disease slowly robs these children, but the worst part is the helplessness that there is no treatment that may work. There is no drug that may stop the progression. The best we can hope for is that we, as their parents, fight strongly and advocate for the best quality of life our children can have for as long, or as little, as we have them.


       For Diane R who has bad diabetes and is in the hospital. and for Michael


For Nicholas who is depressed and needs a job
For Deb Stortie who needs a job
For a good director for Woman to Woman Support Network
For Donna Stortie, battling breast cancer
For VF, health, and special intention
For Kathleen on her birthday
For Jerry McOskder, cancer

Marguerite and John Q

       Please add to prayer list for military John Biszko, who is in Pakistan. Thanks and God bless,


       this is about madison terries great grandaughter Tests came back good and so they say it is viral. They may let her go home later today or tomorrow thank you to all that prayed for her. I love you all so very much-Terrie

Elaine Dixon

       For my granddaughter Caroline who has a severe drinking problem. The family did an intervention this weekend and she is angry at everyone.


       For John R--doing heart tests, in hospital, lonely, depressed.


       Chris Klicka, HSLDA’s first full-time attorney, who has been fighting multiple sclerosis for many years, became very ill at our National Leaders Conference in Colorado last week. Chris was admitted to St. Francis Medical Center in Colorado Springs, where he remains in critical condition. His family has traveled from Virginia to be with him. Please pray for them as they wait on the Lord during this difficult time.

Mike Smith

       For Diane R who has bad diabetes and is in the hospital. and for Michael

Woman to Woman Support Network

27 Sep 09

       Nearly 60 people were killed, Manila was blacked out and airline flights were suspended as a powerful typhoon battered the main Philippines island of Luzon on Saturday, disaster officials said. Television showed houses swept away by swollen rivers, people on rooftops waving for help and throngs stranded along Manila's submerged main thoroughfares as the storm packing winds of 100 kph (60 mph) dumped 341 mm (13.5 inches) of rain in six hours. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo appealed for donations of clothes, blankets, food and water as hundreds of families, perched on rooftops or were trapped in submerged areas, waiting for rescue. "I am calling on our countrymen, especially residents of metro Manila and other provinces in the path of the typhoon, to please stay calm, follow the instructions of local officials and civil defence authorities," Arroyo said in a televised message. At least 47 people were killed, mostly by drowning, in Rizal province, east of Manila, radio reports quoted the local governor as saying. Eleven more people were killed by collapsing walls and rising floodwaters in the capital area, disaster officials said. Authorities shut down operations at international and domestic airports, stranding thousands of passengers. An advisory said operations would not resume until Sunday. Disaster officials declared a "state of calamity" for the capital region and 25 other areas on the main island of Luzon, in order to speed up rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts. Businesses and commercial shops closed early and local hotels were packed by weary commuters. The typhoon was moving west-northwest and was expected to head towards the South China Sea by Sunday evening or Monday morning, chief weather forecaster Nathaniel Cruz told a local radio station. He said the typhoon brought the heaviest rainfall in the country since 1967 after its weather station collected 341 mm of rainfall in six hours on Saturday. An average of about 20 typhoons strike the Southeast Asian nation every year.


       Please pray for my greatgranddaughter Maddison. She has been taken to the hospital with a high fever and they are going to do a spinal tap to check for spinal mennengites. Hopefully it will turn out to be something much less serious but only being a week old it is scary. Thank-you for your prayers-Theresa this is from terri a member of the canyonville church of christ

Elaine Dixon

25 Sep 09

       Kindly pray for Amalia and Ladi as on the 28th is the crucial date for Amalia as Ladi has filed the divorce papers, she is so upset. God Bless


       Hugh, Will you please put my mother in law, Catherine Knapp on your prayer list. She fell and is now very confused and is in the hospital for tests. Please pray for a complete recovery. We ask this through the intercession of Our Lady along with your prayer warriors. Thank you. Sincerely,

Ed Baker

Emma (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA): Help me pray for protection, that a lady will not complain on me.

Alemzewd (Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA): Curse is follow my family & attack us. My mom cries & suffer by the problem of her children. I'm the only who get married. We need a prayer to stop the curse & make all the family to be free from curse, including my 2 boys. Amen.

Marshall Diakon

       I am up again tonight with concerns on my heart for my dear friend who is more like a natural born sister than a friend who is also my sister in Christ. We have gone through a lot of troubles together over the years as I lost members of my family and as she did the same. She called me to tell me she is ill and having stomach problems. They did a colonoscopy and found some polyps that they removed. She will get the results of these back next week. I could tell in her voice she is worried. Please put her on the prayer warrior prayer list. her name is Laura. I have been blessed with her friendship for a good many years and she is the first one I call when I am having troubles even though she is two hours earlier than me as she is now living in Texas. Please pray the tests come back negative and that she regains her strength. She is planning to visit me when she is well. Don was very fond of Laura as our families always seemed to cleave together in prayer when trouble came to either of our families. Thanks in advance for all the prayer warriors who so lovingly pray for the needs of others. Love in Him,

Wilma Flanagan

       for my brother's wife she need's prayer that the co. she work's for does not fire or lay her off there in fl. thanks


       Gail's surgery took 5.5 hours, which was longer than expected, but the Doctor was pleased with the outcome. He removed a much larger area and also inserted some chemo "wafers" that will begin their work immediately. This will buy time until radiation and chemo can begin in a month. She had no problems during surgery but they will want to watch her for 2-3 days before releasing her to come back to Oregon. Thank you all for your prayers and support. It means so much!! Our love to you all,

Bill and Leslie - and Gail too

       Curtis came home from hospital today. They said he had a stroke. His voice sounds like stuttering and some weakness on right side. He also has some pain and numbness on R arm.They did 2 brain mri's and ct scans also ultra sounds of arteries and heart.and blood work . All tests were normal.dr. said he never seen anything like it. Thank all of you for the prayers. God is Good.


       Dad, (Hugh) Thank you for sharing this kind lady's e-mail. I so appreciate all the prayers and once again, I have good news to report. Kendall and her little partner in crime were picked up in Rutherford county this afternoon in possession of the stolen car. They were about 45 miles from home. They will now be facing charges in two Middle-Tennessee counties. Her first court appearance is tomorrow at 2:30. I am so thankful to God that they did not hurt themselves or anyone else during thier little road trip as it was the 12 year old doing the driving based upon the statements of the poilce and the girls. Once again, my humble thanks to all that prayed for thier safe return. I can at least sleep tonight knowing they are off the streets. God Bless all -

Tina McCarty

Dear Family and Friends, Ben remains in the CICU at Children's Hospital. Ben has developed a fever which is spiking on and off and makes him feel unwe Sendll. He has been placed on antibiotics to combat the source of whatever infection is possibly present. Since he is tired, subsequent to the fever, PT will be limited today to range of motion activities. A cast remains on his right leg, below the knee, post surgery. Kidneys: he had dialysis yesterday, but will not need it today and we'll know in a couple of days whether his kidneys are working more efficiently and whether dialysis can be discontinued. On a good note: he is now on a regular diet and had french toast for breakfast. From the depths of our hearts we thank you for your continued prayers!

Kyle and Genece (I know her parents and younger brother, Luke). She's in labor 9/23 to deliver their precious daughter, Vivian, who is anancephalic and will most likely die when she is born. Please join them in praying for a live birth, and grace to carry this cross.


22 Sep 09

       Please pray for Joanne Curtis who is in hospital after having so many strokes. Please pray doctor will discover the reason.


       Please pray for Tina Iozzo who is in prison for crime she didn;t commit. She just sent me a suicidal letter. Please pray that she can fine a pto bono lawyer who can help her before she does something she will be sorry for.


My Nephew (Jim) 50 years old -has had a stroke, a Major heart attack , and his legs are Swellled with fluid. In a coma ...

A Very Dear Sister- Charlotte Torango - has an enlarged swelling around her heart , is very weak , and needs prayer .

And, Please pray for OUR NATION ... If you love your way of Freedom , then pray for America . We are becoming more in BONDAGE everyday., with the possibility of War looming on the horizon.. We need New leadership In Washington Lord. Blessings,


       If you will, keep me in prayer. I had surgery yesterday and am recovering in Memphis today. When we return to Macon, I will take some time to read emails. God Bless,


Dear Prayer Warriors, Sister Karin Gram just called in asking for prayers for her son, Jacob (California), his wife, and unborn son - due any minute! ! ! This family has been facing some hard times as of late, and need all the help and guidance they can get. Please help "plant the seed" that will lead them to Jesus, where an abundance of help lies awaiting their request for it. Also, please pray for Karin's husband, David and son David, that they, too, will be blessed with good health and God's love. Thank you and God Bless,

First of all - A PRAISE - A Praise for the wonderful services we had this morning at TCCC! I will be writing a more com- plete report on it tomorrow - right now, I wish to Praise God for bringing the man, Preacher Aaron Auer, as "Jason Lee" to us in a awe inspiring message of one of the Founders of the Great State of Oregon. Thank You Father - for guiding all of those responsible for this fine portrayal of one of the Past's great preachers and countrymen. - and the message he brought with him! ! !

Bronte Lockwood - Help me stay clean and to keep the know- lege that I have learned at Deer Creek with me to help me keep in my mind that there are way better things in my life than drugs and alcohol. To realize that I am too strong for that! And, Judy Williams - She is so awsome! ! ! ! ! ! !

Jake - For my niece who will undergo a brain tumor surgery on Oct 6th in Portland. Her name is Tonya Richards.

Little Baby Emma Hackett is back in the hospital - this time with seizures. I understand some of the TCCC elders are on their way up to be with the family. The caller said the situation is very grim. Please pray for Baby Emma and her family.

Diane Gotorth - Safe housing for my whole family while going to school. We are all in a different place! Diane, Elena, Willy & Dennis

Please pray for my "foster Granddaughter" who lives in the Great State of Tennessee. Her mother, Tina, has been a TCCC Prayer Warrior for many years. She is a young widowed mother attempting, against many odds, to make a home for herself and her wayward child - while she, herself, is a disabled Veteran. Her husband, too, was a Veteran who was disabled, both, physically and mentally, and who, after dis- charge from the military, hung himself thinking to end his own problems. Not allowing for the addit- ional burden he put upon his young wife, apparently. Please, I am not "blaming" anyone for the situation in which Tina and daughter, Kendall, find themselves. I do feel the Veteran's Administration owes this girl a lot more than they seem to be willing to put forth - and I do request each of you Prayer Warriors try to put yourself in Tina's shoes, momentarily, at least, and pray accordingly for her - that God will help her to overcome her situation - AND that Kendall will be found in good health - AND that she, Kendall, will do an about face and make an attempt to help her mother instead of causing all of these problems for the two of them.

Bro. Hugh

       Mathieu Vigier died last Saturday at 2:25 PM. He was only fifteen with a promising hockey career ahead and is the eldest of four boys. Thank-you for your prayers. Mathieu probably needed them and his family and friends certainly did. May God's peace be with them. God Bless.

Mary G

       I had to have a new air bubble in my eye and the transplant had slipped so needed to be moved a little. now I am mostly looking through one eye, see Dr again on Thurs. Pkease pray for a friend from my Church choir, her son hung himself on Wed. he was in a coma and died yesterday. His name is Tim Jewell, her name is Colleen. Thanks and God Bless.

Karen H.

       This year has seen some significant changes. First, we wish to offer a memorial and prayer for the Brothers and Sisters of St. Benedict Joseph Labre. Their founder Br. Benedict Joseph died suddenly this year. Also, Mrs Duff has had some significant health issues and we surely need your prayers.

Tim D

       Can the prayer group please cover PVT Stafford's family in prayer. He just found out his wife's cancer is now in her blood and they have two small children. They live in Maine and he is down here with the NG unit Kevin is in, so they are no where near the support group for the unit and they chose not to inform the unit at this time of her condition. God put Kevin in a place to support this solider when he found out the news no one else in the unit knows and Kevin has asked if prayers can be sent up for Mrs. Stafford, PVT Stafford and their two young children. Thank you Also please keep the 115MP and their families in your prayers they will be deploying soon to Cuba. PVT Stafford will be heading back to Maine and not going on deployment. Thank you and God Bless


Sister in Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA: Please pray for my friend Susan who is suffering from stage three dengue fever, and she is in ICU as of today. Her condition was serious last night.

Manish Baskota (Hetauda, NEPAL): Please, pray for Gayatri Adhikar, for she is very weak both mentally as well as physically. She cannot do anything properly. She is in the bondage of Satan. Her family life is in problem.

D. Werten (Thousand Oaks, USA-CA): Please pray for my co-worker, Julie. Her husband stabbed & killed their 2 children, and killed himself.

Marshall Diakon

       Dear Prayer Angels and Warriors: Good evening! Please pray for all those who have asked us to pray. Please pray for our deceased loved ones. They cannot pray for themselves. Please pray for our soldiers, for their safety and to return safely home. Please pray for the homeless. Please pray for those who are in financial straits. Please pray for the aged and those caring for the aged. Please pray for our physical, mental, and spiritual healing's and those of our loved ones. Please pray for our safety and the safety of our loved ones...please pray that they always come safely home. Please pray for the Lord to lead us to the path He wants us to take. Please pray to be worthy of Jesus's unconditional love. Again, please remember to pray for the intentions of all those who have asked us to pray for them. God bless you all. God is good...all the time! Praise the Lord! I am your sister in Christ's love...


18 Sep 09

       A friend at work has had been being treated for cancer, thought the chemo and radiation treatments were working, but latest examination and report says not. Please pray for this, still another victim of cancer with the "unnatural" treatment to cure! ! ! Thank you and God Bless!

Lee Cole

       For the repose of the soul of Bertha, DArryl's mom. Thanks,

Linda G

Heather (Lancaster, USA-PA): Pray for my Mom's leg: strange intense pain shooting from toe to knee.

Bin [sister] (CHINA): Pray for China. This country is totally corrupted, and the gap between the rich and the poor is sooo unbelievably big. Please pray for a fairer society. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Timothy Germain (Midland, CANADA): Dear Lord, deliver YOUR PEOPLE from religion. Bring revelation and reality home to their hearts.

Cindy Heaster (LATVIA): Please pray for Maris, as he is 17 years old and already has made several suicide attempts. He has now believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that He will look to God's power and not his own strengths or weaknesses.

Marshall Diakon

       For Pat Russell and her family. In gratitude that Lou's house was saved from flooding.




       Thank you for your prayers; I have completed my diploma with first division. Now I want to get higher studies, but my parents cannot bear all these expenses.

Sharjeel Neo

       It's been a great morning. Ben sat in the wheelchair for 30 minutes today and made a short trip to the atrium. He loved sitting in the sunshine but became very tired. He has a beautiful keyboard in his room that hopefully he will get to sometime today and they are talking about moving him to a step down unit in the next few days, God willing. His kidney's are showing small signs of improvement but he will still have dialysis today. Everything is looking good. Thank you for your continued support and prayers-

Keith, Susan, Josh, and Ben

       Please pray that we may fill the position of office director so that the Woman to Woman Support Network (164 Broadway Newport RI 02840) prolife pregnancy center remains open, and continues to save lives and help pregnant women and their families. Please pray about this if you are able to fill this position, or spread the word to someone who may be able to fill it. Thanks for your prayers and help. God bless you.

Madeline Nugent

       Pax et Bonum, I have a prayer request for a young man, Mathieu, (15 years old) from our parish who was involved in a mva and is is in the Health Sciences Centre with a severe brain injury. Students from the secondary school, who are normally seldom seen at Mass, filled our church on Tuesday evening to pray for his recovery. this request is for his recovery, his family, and for his classmates that they may, because of their ordeal, continue to develop a greater faith and love for the Church. Thank you

Mary Giroux

15 Sep 09

       Please pray for the repose of the soul Karen Kell, my sister-in-law. She passed away of a heart attack last Monday or Tuesday in her bed, and we didn't find her until Saturday. Also please pray for my husband -- he is devastated by this loss.

Alice Kell

       Please pray for the repose of the soul of Patrick Swayze who recently passed from this life after a bout with cancer. Eternal rest grant to him O Lord and let Perpetual Light shine upon him. May he rest in peace! Amen!


       Dear Prayers Angels and Warriors: Please pray for all those who have asked us to pray for them, for all those who are desperately in need of prayers and for all the conversion of all the sinners in the world. Please pray for our physical, mental, and spiritual healing's and those of our loved ones. Please pray for our soldiers who are fighting overseas...for our sons and daughters who are feeling lost and alone, for those who are in financial straits and who need a job, for the homeless, the hungry, those out in the cold and exposed to the elements...please pray for our precious Lord and Savior to make us worthy of His unconditional love...Please pray for the aged and those with Alzheimers...for them to be comfortable and cared for with dignity and to sleep peacefully. Also for those caring for Alheimers be strong, upbeat, and happy and content in their everyday living and doing their chores to see to it that their wards are safe, happy, clean, and comfortable, and well fed. Please pray for our leaders to care about the good causes and to be honest and fair in their dealings. Please pray. Pray every minute of every day for the Lord is with you, Now and forever, and until the end of time.


Carl Sousa (PAKISTAN): The government here is releasing the Muslims that burned our homes for Ramadan, and arresting those who tried to defend themselves. The Christians of Pakistan really need prayer.

Evelyn Gore (GHANA): Please pray for me to expedite opening of Foster Home for abandoned kid in Ghana. Only God can help me to help them.

Daniel & Janette (UKRAINE): Pray that the ecclesia will continue to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for Janette and I to be led by the Spirit in reaching the deaf; either through the dorm or through the deaf Center, here in Poltava; or even on the Street.

Marshall Diakon

        Please pray for protection while in Afghanistan with the marines. David and Eric Mathies. They will be leaving here around the first of October, scheduled for seven months over there.Also, Please pray for my grandchildren, Ray & Patricia Lien, for safety and protection while at their baby sitters. Also for their mother (my daughter) Jody - for peace of mind while she is at work. Thank you!

Theresa Hanson

       Please pray for Britney - Sore throat, and Shawn & Tiffany, not feeling very well. Thank you,

Cindy D.

        Continue prayer for Don & Elaine Dixon w/health issues. Continue prayers for Kacy Cady - give her strength through this rough time in her life - pray for wisdom and dicernment. Continue prayers for my firend Shelly w/hte loss of her husband.

Debbie Dixon

        For our friend Todd Allen & his family. May God set a hedge of protection around him and his family & give him a knowledge and awareness of God's Grace. Just want to share my thanks for all the wonderful blessings that the Lord has bestowed on me and my family. My cup is overflowing ;-)

Dawn Cockrum

       For my daughter, Betty Ann, her boyfriend beat her up - broke her jaw and tried to kill her. Please pray for my brother in N.C.. He had two heart attacks yesterday, bleeding around the heart. They are giving him blood this morning. I haven't seen my brother and 4 sisters for over 30 years Please pray for sister Joyce. She lives in AZ, but had to go back to Mississippi to get her daughter. Please pray they have a safe trip home. Thanks in God's name,

Muriel Hubbard

13 Sep 09

       Please pray for the repose of the soul of Karen Kell, my sister-in-law. Thank you.




Beverly: Please pray for my family, as we are behind with house payment, car loans: every bill we owe. My husband is so stressed, he wants to give up and file bankruptcy. I said, No, God will help us catch up. We have came through before.

Rob & Lori: My husband and I own a drug and alcohol treatment center. We are on the front lines of a huge war. We are under attack from a couple of women who do not know Jesus or His power. Instead, they practice witchcraft. They look for ways to get us in trouble with the community here. Please pray for victory for us in our time of testing. Pray against the enemy tactics to distract and bring doubt.

Joan (USA-NJ): Please lift up my sister-in-law and our family up in prayer. My young nephew, Greg, shot himself in the heart yesterday, in Colorado, while his mom was visiting here in NJ, caring for her mom who had a hip replacement. Greg was a Marine who returned from the ravages of Iraq and could not adjust.

Linda (Cleveland, USA-TN): We will be homeless in 3 weeks, barring a miracle. It's all over, America.

Carol (Dublin, USA-VA): Please pray for me that I will start paying more attention to my husband and quit having this emotional affair with someone else.

Tosin (NIGERIA): I am a stammerer. I want God to assist me in dealing with these problem.

Grant Shipman (Conroe, USA-TX): Pray that I not click into what man has taught, but to move quickly along with what Christ has taught and is teaching me.

Marshall Diakon

        Please pray: Herb (60's), Riddle - Has ongoing service connected situations due to his past military experiences. He is a fine Christian man - but fighting his own battles now - would appreciate your prayers for help through Jesus Christ. Thank you and God Bless,

Bro. Hugh

       Please pray for the repose of the souls of James Pouillon, pro-lifer, and Mike Fuoss, businessman, and for all those involved. Thank you.


11 Sep 09

        Please pray that my wife turn to God and be converted, has a change of heart, love me and reconcile our marriage. Please pray that all negative influences and the devil and his influences be removed from her and allow her to grow closer to God and that the Blessed Virgin and Jesus Christ pour down graces on her and allow the Holy Spirit to convert her heart and her mind. Please bless her and watch over her and bring her back to me as soon as possible. Please pray for the forgiveness of our sins. I am in need of a miracle. I ask this in humble prayer to Sts. Philomena, Anthony, Therese, Rita, Anne, The Blessed Mother, Jesus my Savior, the Infant of Prague, and all the Saints, Pope John Paul II, Fr. Englemar, Fr. Casey and Blessed Fr. Seelos, and St. Padre Pio. Please stop the divorce and bless my wife so that her heart is changed. I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother, The Holy Spirit and all the Saints. I am truly sorry for all my sins and beg forgiveness.

Mark P

        Our friend Harvey is unwell and the doctors have concluded there is no further treatment available to him. We are now praying for peaceful and pain free moments for him and courage and strength for his wonderful wife and family. Harvey is just one of the good guys and it is very tough to think of losing him.

Kathleen K

        Please thank the Prayer Warriors for me. I was able to gather enough information from Kendall's friends and I was able to lead the police to her about an hour ago. She is safely back in custody and it could not have come at a better time. She had gotten in with a pretty rough gang and was close to being initiated. She has never drank or done drugs until tonight, so with Divine Inter- vention we can hopefully get her back on the right track. Praise be to Jesus! Matthew 19:26 says it all.


        Jeff Raatz called in and left a message: The doctor who treated, and was responsible for the MRI for wife, Sarah, was called out at the wrong time today, so the report was not forthcoming after all - but, rather, has been rescheduled to the time of her previously made appointment - tomorrow, about 1:30. We should get a report from Jeff sometime after that - to- morrow afternoon. Please continue to pray for Sarah and her beautiful family. Thanks and God Bless,

Bro. Hugh



        For Jesus sake please pray for Ali and Faruk and Tahsin and Irfan R and all family and dear ones, for God's Will in their lifes. And for Mufide and all family and all intentions. And for the conversion and consecration of all to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. God bless you.

Mufide Rende

       For Steve Allen who is discerning how God wants him to serve at this stage of his life.


       Our friend Harvey is unwell and the doctors have concluded there is no further treatment available to him. We are now praying for peaceful and pain free moments for him and courage and strength for his wonderful wife and family. Harvey is just one of the good guys and it is very tough to think of losing him.

Kathleen K

       Please pray for the repose of the soul of Dick Williams, who passed away on Tuesday. Also remember in your prayers Gloria, his wife, and the rest of the family. May he rest in peace. Thank you and God bless you.


       We were in costco on tuesday i got to talking to some ladies while i waited for don (the supershopper you know) one of them has a brain tumor and was telling me of all the proceures she has been!! i feel like all the i have gone thru has been a piece of cake,,she was very upbeat and happy..what a spirit! just loving the Lord during all of it,,.,she probably my age or so and her name is phyllis..i told her that i would put her on our prayer list and she thanked me and we prayed....wish i would of got her phone number so we could keep in touch..we will probably never see each other again...but what a blessing she was to me..!! God is Good, love


       My sister's (Pattie) husband (Ken) was taken to the hospital tonight. He had trouble breathing and chest pains. At the last call he was still in the emergency room, on morphine and wired for sound. It seems the hospital was full and their are no beds to be had. They want to admit him but he will have to settle for a room in that hectic atmosphere. There are worse places he could be than among lots of professionals used to dealing with heart tramma. Please keep them in your prayers for a good outcome and for Pattie's strength to deal with the results, whatever they are.


       Brother Hugh, Please pray for Mrs Wanna B. Fredrick who is very ill with a stomach feeding tube as well as cancer and shingles along with many ailments. She is quite elderly so pray for the best outcome according to God`s Holy Will. She lives in Beaumont Texas. We visited her on a sick visit at her home today and I told her about The TCCC warriors. She is pleased that someone that faraway cares so much about their sister in Christ. I assured her someone did. I told her we had a Worldwide reach. How wonderful the world has become among Christians that we can pray interdenomitationally for each other. Evidently the only denomitation Jesus cares about is Christianity.

Adam Courville



10 Sep 09

       Bill I am in need even more now. Please read:( The prayers are helping with my healing. I am still not well yet but am moving in the right direction. My hemoglobin is almost normal. I am still anemic but not as bad. Praise God. Please continue to pray as my husband and I are both Diabetic and now our refrigerator has gone out. We can't replace it as I am not working and don't know anyone that is getting rid of one. Please ask our Heavenly Father to make a way for us to get a fridge. We lost our food but are trying to keep our insulin and other meds cool. Maybe someone in Oregon has gotten a new one and doesn't know what to do with their old working one???? I know God constantly is helping everyone and I feel bad to ask for more prayers but I know the only one that can solve our dilema is God. We have a ton of other issues but will not list them. I know God won't put more than we can handle on us, but I have to be honest that I feel I am overwhelmed and don't know how much more we can handle. We battle with flushing a toilet that is broken, to sinks backing up and my knees and infection. My hubby is not well and I am feeling at my wits end. So please pray and ask others. I know that is my only hope is God. Love in Christ


       Hi Maryann, Am asking for prayers for my friend Nancy. Her time with us is growing short and her husband and daughters are keeping vigil at her bedside. May God, in His mercy, grant her a peaceful passing and eternal joy; may He comfort her husband and children. It has been heartwrenching for them already, she has been in and out of conscienceness, not eating or drinking on her own this past week or so. The final good-bye will be so difficult. We have been friends since our teens; it is difficult being so far away at a time like this. It all seems so surreal. Our Nancy, so full of vitality and humor, so loving and friend to so many, so bright and easy to 'let your hair down' with......will soon no longer be with us. But knowing that gentle soul will rejoice in Heaven ( I imagine her 'infectious' laughter echoing thru-out Paradise) and imagining her joy of seeing her Lord...........knowing the pain from those brain tumors can no longer hurt her.......those thoughts help balance out the grief. Also remember Ken Hoyt, another friend, who was just diagnosed with a tumor in his kidney. He faces surgery next week for removal of what they believe is cancer. Ken is a preacher in CT. and a friend/prayer warrior for anyone seeking him out. He gives so much of himself for others. His congregation and friends are coming together now to do for him. Please join with us to ask God's help in granting a total healing and speedy recovery. Thank you everyone. I don't get a chance to spend a lot of time on-line or give personal responses to the prayer requests I read on Maryann's list. But please know that I lift every one of you in prayer daily. God bless you all. Peace,


8 Sep 09

       Good evening everyone. This is Tammy posting for Heather. This is a very serious very real situation that Kendall is in right now. I cannot express enough the seriousness of this. The reality of this is that Kendall's fontane is possibly failing. This, my friends, is NOT GOOD. They are telling Heather that if they have to replace the fontane the results are usually not good. Heather is beside herself. She is scared to death. Another reality is that if Kendall does need this surgery Heather will have to take him to another state to do it. Heather has no money. I am asking everyone I know to pray like you have never prayed before that this is NOT Kendall's fontane failing in his heart. That fontane has been there since he was 1, he is 15 now. I don't now how his body would react to such a traumatic surgery. Another reality is transplant although Heather has had so much thrown at her right now that she just cannot bring herself to even talk about that with the team yet. Kendall is going downhill fast and we need a miralce here. Please, re-post this and start prayer chains everywhere! Please also please leave Heather messages letting her know you are praying! Please don't just read this and click out. PLEASE let Heather know you are praying!!! Repost this as fast as you can!!! Thanks


       for Jesus sake please pray for Sherif R and all family trees for convertion and God's Will. And for Ali and Mufide and families and all intentions of Mufide. And for Tahsin, Irfan, Sherif, Faruk, Ismail, Fevziye, Nedime, Mehmet, Hamdi, Sema, Yildiz, Serap, Aylin, Seval, Hikmiye (large intestant canser), Leyla(young girl with canser all over her body in hospital in Istanbul), Lara Nedime, Faruk Arda, Mehmet Berke, Zeynep Sude and all family trees. Convertions, healings, forgiveness, Divine mercy, Holy Ghost. God Bless you.


       please pray for me today

Carolyn Rose Goyda

       Hugh, My son just got out of surgery. The surgeon said the operation was a complete success. The tumor has been removed, is not cancerous, and he expects a total healing with minimal scarring. Hallelujah! He is Risen. Give praise and glory to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thank you so very much for your support and prayers. The "Prayer Warriors" are a mighty force and have helped many many people in the name of Jesus! In the service of the King,

Jose and Family

       He reported that his son-in-law's mother, "Johnnie", has been diagnosed with kidney stones, which were blocking the system, poisoning her body, which, apparently, was the main problem all along.

Lee Cole

       Sister Sarah Raatz called in - report has been delayed on her MRI to the 10th of the month. Please pray for Sarah to have the patience to wait for the re- port and not get too upset due to the delay.

Bro Hugh

       Hugh - I really need to ask for prayer from the Prayer Warriors. My 14 year old daughter Kendall has been missing for two days after running away with her current boyfriend. He is eighteen and has a car. The local police have BOLO's (be on the lookout) out in Davidson County, but as of midnight here, they have had no luck finding her. She has been gone since sometime around 4:00 p.m. on the 6th. I fear for her safety and need everyone that can to ask that God protect her until she is safely home. Thank you


       Hugh, Short email to let you know what is happening with my son. They found a tumor in his head and he is having surgery today at 10 AM EST. Getting ready to leave now for the hospital. It is in our Lord and Saviours hands. I thank you Lord for you are a God of healing. Pray for my son Hugh if you have a moment today and forward to the Prayer Warriors if possible. Your brother in Christ,


Niyo Ku Saba: Yes Lord, You are God who answers. I am Your servant who believes. I am very sorry about what I did to stay with him. I ask you to reunite him back to his wife and his family. It may seem silly and impossible, but what I know is; there is nothing impossible with You. Yes Lord, do it, for the glory of Your name. Amen.

(wife): My family is in desperate need for restoration. Whenever we try to come together as a family we must separate indefinitely. We want to be together but we find ourselves victims. There is a wicked spirit that is afflicting my marriage. Please Lord, forgive me, my husband and our innocent children, and restore this family for the glory of Your name. I never wanted to stay single, Lord. Please intervene in Your divine nature and overcome this wicked way.

Klaas Jacob (Schagen, HOLLAND): Shalom in Yeshua Hamasiach Thanks, Adonai, for my concert. You did a great job. Praise Your Holy name. Pray for my wife, for her time in Brussels.

Marshall Diakon

       This morning Joel was tembling like crazy no seizures but called ambulance and he is route to the hospital...Pray will let you know


       Dear Prayer Angels and Warriors: Good morning! Please pray for all those who have asked us to pray for them and for all those who are in desperate need of prayers. Please pray for clean bills of health from all doctors and tests. Please pray for our physical, mental, and spiritual healing's. Please pray for our soldiers fighting overseas. Please pray for our safety and well being and those of our loved ones. Please pray for all our school children going back to school today for their safety and for the classroom to be a friendly place and for teachers and principals to be sure to stop bullying and fighting at it's onset. Please pray for all our aging parents and relatives. For their safety and comfort and to be cared for in a dignified manner and to get the help they need. For those caring for the aging to be renewed in strength and patience and to have sunny outlooks and not get depressed. Please pray for those in financial straits to find work and to live within their means. Please pray for those who are sad or depressed. Lord fill their hearts with Your love. Please pray for the conversion of all the sinners in the world. Please pray for us to be made worthy of God's unconditional love. Please pray for us to be Jesus for one another and to spread the good news to all and to help shepherd His sheep. Please pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit...we are children of God...we claim the precious blood of Jesus Christ.


       My friend Darryl's mom is in the hospital and Darryl asked if I would let you know. Her mom's name is Bertha. Please keep her in prayer.

Linda G

       Father George Manjadi's health update is he has decided not to go back to India this month for treatments at a special clinic. I think mainly he has no one to over see his "flock". He is still trying to continue treatments here. But the pain is becoming worst and spreading. Noone has yet to pin down what is the matter, and he has been to neurologists and such. Priests are hard to come by and we don't want to loose Father George. God Bless,


        I just wanted to let you know that I just got word that Devin was picked up on a bench warrant and was arraigned today. My neighbor saw him and talked to him this afternoon. I checked online and he has another court date for next Friday. A fine was imposed on him and I know he won't be able to come up with the money. I am really doubtful that he will show up for court which will cause another warrant and more trouble for him. We have no contact with him and he's angry at me and is blaming me for "getting him in trouble" I have no idea where he sleeps or how he's eating. I worry about him and pray for him all of the time. Can you please put him on your prayer list---us too please. P.S. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mary Ann Galkowski and for her mother Darlene and the rest of the family.

Grace S.

       Please pray that Sarah's MRI of her brain comes back clear of any tumor and doctors find what is causing the bad head aches and problem with her weight gain.

Jeff Raatz

       Please continue to pray for young Jorge Lionel Alfaro, who is still in jail after 4 months for possession of a cut barrel shotgun. He told his mother that he wanted revenge on some schoolmates because of what they had done to him while in school, but never actually threaten anyone. He has battled with depression for a period of time, has held jobs, is quiet and pleasant, and well-liked by all his family members. Please pray for his conversion and for the Holy Ghost to strengthen him, guide and help him, and also for his parents (who have been divorced for a long time - I believe his mother is a Mormon), his family, and all those involved. Thank you.


       Thank you for prayers for my brother, Tim Martin. Terst show no cancer in other parts of body. Te rectal tumor is stage 2. He begins intense chemo and radiation treatment on Thursday 9/10, for 5 1/2 weeks. It's far stronger for him and heaaling. Thank you. Love,

Rebecca Edwards

        - Please pray for a chance to earn enough money to have Darlene's two teeth pulled and to have the finances to go to Portland for her surgery on the 17th of September. God Bless every one! I, Bill, needs a new job.

Bill & Dorene McKissack

       Callie had another good day. We ordered a sample belt from Hollister and it seems to be holding the wafers onto her a little longer. She likes to spend her time swinging in the backyard. All is very quiet here right now - just lots of specialist appts and chasing medical services and therapy. Noah and Cozy are looking forward to the day off from school tomorrow. Joe's work has temporarily put him back on full time. Hoping this is a turn in the road. Will update,


6 Sep 09

Brother Lee Cole - His son-in-law's Mother, (Joni) late 70's, Blood Pressure 75 over 47. She was taken to hospital. Please pray for her!

Lois Houston - Having stomach problems. (Lois is Danny Cockran's mother!)

Herb Cade - Mary Cade Moos' brother-in-law, had heart trans- plant 2 years ago, also has diabetes, kidneys operating at 40%, and eye sight fading. Please pray for his comfort!

ANYONE suspecting they may be coming down with the flu or other contagious disease - PLEASE STAY HOME - DON'T SPREAD IT AROUND. (Requested at our last TLC meeting!) GOOD ADVICE ANY TIME - ANY PLACE! ! ! ! ! ! !

Shawnee Pritchett - Please pray for her comfort and welfare in life. She is a sweet young lady who needs close friends - let us be that! ! ! (AND - Don't we all? ? ?)

Pray for a safe trip - going and coming back - for Darlene - our dear Sister in Christ, as she travels between homes! ! ! Thank you and God Bless,

Bro. Hugh

       Blessings and all good, fellow penitents, friends, inquirers, affiliates, and associates of the Confraternity of Penitents, We have received an urgent prayer request from Darlene G. Her daughter Mary Ann is on life support and not expected to survive. She had an infected tooth which was not treated and the infection has spread into her entire system. She has sepsis and the prognosis is grim. Mary Ann had been living by herself but has severe emotional problems and a drinking problem. Please pray for her and for her family as well as for Darlene who is an elderly woman, frail and recently widowed. May God have mercy on Mary Ann, Darlene, and this family. May God reward you for your prayers.


       Please read below the last email sent out by Ross' parents Ross is about 11 and is dying from Leukemia. Please pray for Ross and his family. There will be a Mass tomorrow for the healing of Ross, whatever God chooses to do, please join our prayer. Rejoice in the Lord always! Ross's graft has failed. This is due to the leukemia crowding out the newly transplante d cells in his bone marrow. His body has no way to make blood cells or protect him against infection. We have decided to keep him home rather than risk infection in the hospital or traveling. W hat we hoped were months, worried were weeks, are now days. We have to explain to Ross how his parents couldn't protect him from everything. There will be lots of family visiting in the next few days. Ross will be surrounded by those he loves and who love him.


       Remember "Rebecca"? Thank you for storming Heaven and doing everything you have done to help with this case. I am so honored to report that she did indeed choose LIFE for her precious little baby. Her due date is February 4, 2010 and she is 18 weeks pregnant. That's the good news. Tragically, over the past week, things have taken a turn for the worst. Her abusive boyfriend found her and managed to beat her almost to death. He kneed her in the stomach, among many other things, and=2 0she was rushed to the hospital. The police have not yet found him, but they are looking for him. She was beaten so badly that they initially told her that the baby had 2 days to live because sh e was leaking amniotic fluid and the baby would not be able to live. This was 4 days ago... and this precious little fighter is hanging on for dear life! Today I went with her to see the ultrasound but the news was horrible- the doctors have given her very little hope and have said that within the next week, this baby will be dead. Rebecca is absolutely devastated to say the very least- she has not stopped crying for the past few days, but she has refused to give up. WE THOUGHT THERE WAS NO HOPE FOR THIS BABY BACK IN JUNE WHEN I LAST ASKED YOU TO PRAY. Please please, again I beg you- the doctors have said that there "is nothing to be done"- the baby's kidneys are not functioning and they do not believe the baby will live, and even if she does, she will have major health problems. I held her crying after one of the doctors offered her the option to "not continue the pregnancy" and to "refer her if she wanted"... I had a few words for him after, but the damage had been done. Miracles have happened- and we need one here. Please join with me once again and bring this baby's life to Our merciful Father through the intercession of Our Lady. Pick your favorite saint and do a novena... anything, please. We go next week for a second opinion- but this is an agonizing time. You're all the best- thank you once again.

Woman to Woman Support Network

       Blessings and all good, fellow penitents, friends, inquirers, affiliates, and associates of the Confraternity of Penitents, Please pray for Mary (not her real name) who is five weeks pregnant and abortion minded. She has an appointment with a prolife pregnancy center on Tuesday, September 8, at 10:30 am EDST. Please pray for the advisor and for Mary so that she chooses life for her baby. May God reward you for your prayers.


        just got word - The teen age son of our family doctor is in immediate danger of death. Ben had a heart attack a few days ago on the soccer field. Because his dad was there and many other doctors, he was resuscitated and taken to Children's in PGH. His heart attack it turns out, was from a huge blood clot in his leg, which has since been amputated below the knee. He is unconscious, on a breathing machine, and close to death at this hour. Please keep Ben Bravo in your prayers!


       Callie is comfortably using full sentences now and is progressing remarkably cognitively. She still is terrified to make more than a step on her own without holding on to something but those of us that know her well as well as her physical therapist know that she "can" she just "won't". In her own time she'll work up the courage to step out on her own. We are trying to figure out how to get the orthotics she needs. Because she wasn't able to walk normally or learn to walk at the appropriate time, Callie's feet turn inward when she walks. This puts considerable pressure on her knees and thighs. Temporary orthotics are necessary to straighten out her ankles so she can learn to walk normally. The kids are enjoying 1st and 3rd grade as well as Daisies and Cub Scouts. All is going well. As always, and like many people, we covet prayer for a dependable source of income and medical care. It's a tumultuous time for everybody, I think. Will update,


       For Michael A who had been experiencing a great deal of stress.


       Please Pray for Sr. Mary Christ O.P. who is now in hospice care.

Peggy B

       For Denise who is out of work, who has taken a civil service exam, and who needs a job.


Marshall Diakon: An earthquake near Tasikmalaya, Indonesia, has brought destruction, injury and death today. Please pray for those hurting, and for brothers Link Hudson and Irnawan Saudara Silitonga (both in Jakarta), with all the brothers & sisters there, as they consider how & where to best render aide.

Clove (USA-IL): Pray that I keep my sanity and emotions in check. Between pregnancy hormones and my husband leaving me, I am so emotional. I want my husband to come back and be a husband like he promised when we got married. I want to keep my marriage vows and defy these immoral, irresponsible times. I am willing to do my part, but when I am starting to sleep, all I can do is cry until I fall asleep.

Banshen (Sydney, AUSTRALIA): Faith is so very important. Pray that I will let God take care of my worries. I must smile and know that when I take refuge in Him, that I let Him control everything. I get worried because I try and control things myself, and when things are out of my control I feel that I am losing it. Lord, You control it. It's all in the best hands it could be in with You!

Marshall Diakon: Please remember by prayer these and other ekklesia who live in vicinity of wildfire today in California: LEET fellowship at Glendale, ekklesia with Josh & Rebekah Weigel at Encino, the Christian Soldiers Fellowship and Eric & Ruby Aldaco at Monrovia, Paul Hall's Ranch community at Shadow Hills, Spangler Third Day church in Altadena. Outside California, ekklesia at the Race house in Kamloops, Canada, as wildfire rages near Clinton. Also, the Australia coastal fire is in near proximity of those who gather at Keith Wards' house in the city of Narooma.

Marshall Diakon

       "Today is probably Hannah's last day. Hannah took a turn for the worse early yesterday and no longer has any brain activity. Our family got to spend a lot of time with her yesterday and we are going back today to be with her, sing and tell her stories and say our goodbyes. Hannah will be an organ donor and will get to help some other kids that need it. Her body is starting to slip away , so the time is short. If you are in Anchorage, they will have a special flag raising at the front of Providence Hospital at 1 PM for Hannah's donation. A flag will fly in her honor for 5 days because of the donations she is making. Come by and see us at the flag pole if you can. I will send something out again when I can. Thank you for your love and prayers."

Gary and Brenda Kingsley and family

       please pray for nicholas wilborn (jim wilborns nephew), he was hurt very badly on sunday in a jeep accident,. one girl was killed and the other kids in the vehicle are ok, he has been sent to portland and will probably have surgery tomorrow...please pray for the family of the girl who was killed.. thanks lord bless


       Please continue your prayers for Sam, his parents, and his doctors. God bless you. Background Story Our son Sam is a wonderful young man who is 8 years old. He will be 9 in January. He is going into the 3rd grade in Reynoldsburg , Ohio . Sam had been having some pain in his right knee most of this summer (2009). As the pain increased we realized that something might be wrong and we made an appointment for him to see an Orthopedist on 8/10/09. At this doctors appointment an X-ray was done of Sam's leg/knee and it showed that there was a mass that the doctor believed to be cancerous. Samuel went into the hospital just a few days later for a series of tests. He received a cat scan, MRI, and also a full body scan. Our family met with the pediatric oncologist the following day and Samuel was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Osteosarcoma (stage 4). The cancer is in his right knee and it has also spread to both of his lungs. This is an agressive type of cancer and it will be treated with agressive forms of chemo. We are asking everyone to please lift up our litle boy Samuel Gordon Bish in prayer. We pray for healing!! We serve a mighty God and we know that HE can heal Sam if that is his will for Sam's life. Please be prayer warriors along with our family as Sam starts this very difficult journey in his young life. Today's date is August 16th, 2009 and all this has happened in 6 days. His first appointment was on Monday the 10th and by Friday the 14th he was in the hospital getting his Chemo- port put in his chest and a biopsy done.


       For Karen H who has been diagnosed with a rare eye disease and who needs surgery in both eyes. Please pray that all goes well for her.


       Pray for Tiffany who is 14 and in the ICU undergoing tests. Late last week she was complaining of flu-like symptoms that kept increasing in severity, then numbness in her hands, and then she began hemorrhaging instead of a normal menstrual period. Also pray for strength and comfort for Tiffany's parents, stepbrother and wisdom for the doctors and nurses involved in her care.


       Crystal had her baby girl on the Feast of the Queenship of Mary! She was 5 lbs 3oz. and full term. The baby was born perfectly healthy! The doctor's had Crystal worried sick with constant testing. The doctors determined that the baby's abdomen was swollen early on in her pregnancy because she contacted a virus from Crystal who was sick along with her whole family in the first three months of her pregnancy. Now she has her little miracle! Please thank everyone in your group for their prayers.


       Hi Bill Sorry I have not called, I did get your phone call. Things have not been to good,my friend died of brain cancer. I am going to the funeral this mornung . Bill I will try to call tomm, Please remember my friend Marie in your prayers. Thank you My Friend


1 Sep 09

       Well, I guess I go up on the Sept. 3rd (what happened to August???) for CAT scan and tatooing my head for radiation. Radiation/chemo starts Sept. 14th for six weeks. Five days a week. I will stay up in Portland area for the six weeks...maybe coming home for weekends. I am trying to stay positive through out all this. I have to. The Drs. have enough doom and gloom for all of us put together so your prayers and great thoughts are a warm welcome to my day. Thank you all so much!


       DEAR PRAYER WARRIORS, We have many friends and family members who need lots of PRAYER....we all do, in fact! These fires are esp. very scary, (yearly here), and getting worse.....these are really out of control, and so many homes already lost, and people scattered.... I don't know where to!?!?!?! One of our nephews and family ... plus many others, have been evacuated plus two firefighters died yesterday -- their vehicle went down a cliff. There's always plenty of dry shrubs/trees; we get little rain, not even much in the spring. LIFE is full of so many stresses daily, esp. with our country's rapid move into Socio-Marxism. Hard to understand, but also, these are many SIGNS of the Lord's Return. NO FUN, nonetheless, and still scary! We're closer to mass control than most may realize.... soon, even over our airwaves, internet, radio, etc., which some refer to as FAIRNESS Doctrine. Add to this, the coming FORCED toxic, deadly Vaccine for Swine Flu, which was made in a LAB [which is obvious now to many Bio-Chemist and Drs., etc., since these three "flu bugs" do not grow together.] Plus, most people have gotten a WORSE flu sickness the years they did receive the vaccines in the past...5 in our family as well. I refuse them all! These horrific chemicals greatly weakens our immune system! This is to bring millions of dollars to Big Pharmas for these HORRIFIC, scary vaccines, which MANY Doctors admit as well, as they themselves will NOT get them, nor their children. Nor should we be FORCED; but this is what BO/czars plan to do, along with the Detention Camps around the country meant for those during the coming Martial Law who "refuse enforcement of their privacy & rights!" ugh! The medical and push to allow Seniors to be dissolved or removed, rights/money taken, etc. WE have some family/friends in Nursing Homes also.....what does one do when funds run out! OH.... In fact, a friend sent this today, which most may want to ck out......very sad, but reality it is!! YES, we all have MUCH MUCH to Pray for hourly....these are very DEMONIC days -- worse still coming! STAY in PRAYER and ON YOUR KNEES when possible. JESUS hears our hearts, PTL! There are many more NAMES and Prayer requests, but GOD KNOWS them keep praying; Let me know your needs as well...there's NO end, surely. But, it would be far more devastating without JESUS! AMEN and PRAISE HIS LOVING, HOLY NAME.........HE WILL END ALL OF THIS -- SOON we hope! HUGS and BLESSINGS,

King's kiddo, K

Pray for my brother, Tim Martin. He was diagnosed with rectal cancer recently. He will soon begin chemo and radiation treatments. Our family covets your ernest prayers for strength of body and spirit for Tim as he goes through this valley. Love, Rebecca Edwards 8/30/09

Please pray For David Gram who is extremely ill - coughing up bile, etc. and in lots of pain. He sent his wife, Karin, to church this morning so he could suffer alone without effecting her so much!

Peggy Hoff - I want to thank you all for the prayers for my daughter, Doris Allen, of St. Helens, OR. She is still very sick. Her attitude is great and her faith in the Lord is even greater! Love to you all in His Name!

Karin Gram - Husband Dave is very ill.

Son, Jacob - on drugs his girlfriend Kim (not on drugs) and his unborn child due Sept. 20th. My daughter, Minette, & hubby are moving up here to be closer to us.

Werner Hindjosa (Azalea) Please pray for Eleonora Hindjosa (my mother) to have a long and healthy life. (I had a very disturbing dream last night)

Lee Cole brings me every Sunday.

Tom & Genice Sanders - My mother is having a difficult surgery Sept. 16th. She is 82.

Tashia just got her 9 month check up since her transplant. She is progressing very well and will start school with a tutor tomorrow. Praise God! ! !

For Mashellie Hasabrook and her baby. CSD has been out to her home three times in the last three months. And for Mashellie to .come to know the Lord Mashellie Hasabrook

I want to thank the Lord for God's help as I've had a break thru with my finances. AND, I still need prayer for my pain. Julie Daniels.

Debie Dixon - Please continue to pray for Elaine & Don Dixon and their health issues.

Please continue to pray for my friend Katy Cady & her decisions she makes. She carries a heavy load!

Please continue to pray for Shelly that she would be drawn to the Lord after the loss of her husband.

Please continue to pray for me and my health issues. And, Julie Daniels and her health.

Thanks - Love in Him! Debbie Dixon

Bill & Dorene McKissack. (We're here every Sunday!) To help our finances. My husband, Bill, needs a new job. Dorene's upcoming surgery on the 21st of Sept., 2009 & help with all your prayers. My wife, Dorene's teeth abcessed but she's still here & dedicated. Been coming on Sundays for a while. The Pastor Dan visited me in the hospital.

Laverne Landers (76) (Verma's brother) was in a farm accident. Received 3rd degree burns and possible internal injuries. Pelvis broken in several places. It is believed his foot slipped off of the break - or accidently re- leased the locked break - as he was getting off of the tractor. A loaded trailor rolled over him! Please pray for him. Also, Please pray for Verma's health problems.

Bro. Hugh

       Missed you at Church today. Have a nasty cold with sore throat and did'nt think it would be nice to share this with others. I have a prayer request for a friend of mine going thru a divorce. She has 2 young daughters who are not emotionally well over this. Please pray this draws them nearer to Jesus whom will comfort them and help me be a good friend to their family thru their time of need. Thank you. Love,


29 Aug 09

       My friends, Richard and Pat, who are currently under mandatory evacuation due to the fires. They live in Sunland, California. I just got Pat's call only five minutes ago. Thank you so much. God Bless you.


Conversion James and Alison.
Connie R, living out of her car.
Bethany C, mom of 3 and 1 on the way, abused by husband, living in shelter.
Sarah and Matthew L
Michael A, college senior suffering from Hodgkins Lymphoma--not a good prognosis.
Anna who has seizures and Gary.
Tina and John
Sarah H, recovery from operation, and daughter Kirvanna
Bob Francis, homeless man who washes windows to earn some money
Susan A, needs housing, being evicted Sept. 1 and has autistic son, no where to go
So Jamie has a baby
Roberta C, repose of the soul of Robert Shaw, for Wilhelmina Shaw his mom who is 93 and grieving and broke her wrist. Roberta is trying to care for Wilhelmina and needs prayers, too. Robert was her brother who died three weeks ago.

Good Shepherd Gift Shop

       Last week I really hurt my daughter's feelings. Now I want to repair what I did and I need God's help to reach her with understanding and grace. There was wrong done on both our parts but mine was greater because I am a practicing Christian and she has gone back into the world. Please pray for me to be patient in my own illness and grieving. I know she must be grieving the loss of her father. I am not perfect and I need to walk on water to live here. Please pray for the things above and ask the prayer warriors to please, please keep me in their prayers this coming week. Love in Jesus,


28 Aug 09

       Newest Update Bill...I appreciate all the prayers and they are working. Newest update is You are such a precious friend. Today the dr took out my stitches. I now have 86% bend to my knee, I must get way over 100. I will get there eventually. I can straighten my about 5-8 % and must get to 0. I am so weak because the bone marrow in my body is suppressed by the antibiotics and I can't take iron for one more week because of the Coumadin. The dr had to prescribe time released morphine. I pray I can cut all these meds back soon. I am so tired of going for an iv over 20 miles away and then being too tired to be out of bed. Bill here is an update on me. I am still too weak to sit more than just a few minutes. I get on to check mail now for three days and then I have to go back to bed. I just have to rest some more because the dr says my natural reserve is totally gone and I am so anemic that if they can't get my hemoglobins back up they will give me iron iv too:( I am having problems with my bone marrow being suppressed by the antibiotics that they won't manufacture my red blood cells for now and I am not allowed to take iron orally until I am off Coumadin. I can't get off that because it is a blood thinner to prevent blood clotting. I am in a mess right now. I keep telling everyone I may be down but not out. God and prayers are keeping me going. xoxoxox


       Bill, I would like to ask for prayers for my daughter Kasaundra. She has been diagnosed with the early stages of Diabetes. There is a possibilty that part of it could be due to stress. She has been very worried lately about thier finances. She has been off work for quite a while due to a shoulder injury. She has not been able to get work man's comp. She will be having surgery on her shoulder tomorrow (Thursday). Then she will be off work for at least another month or so. It's been pretty rough on them. Pray that she not have diabetes, that her blood sugar lowers, she is very worried aand scared, and pray for thier finacial situation as well. Thanks, and God Bless


Mike (Oxnard, USA-CA): We are living in very troubling times. Please pray that the Lord would deliver the government and the American people from evil. Also, ask the Lord to bless His Bride.

Alas (COSTA RICA): I ask my brothers and sisters to join me in prayer for peace. I feel very lost, and very tired. My business is going right but right but slow and now I have huge debts and I just got a call from one of the banks saying that there is a chance for me to be accused and go in prison. And that really, really scares me! I feel very lonely and nowhere to turn my eyes to other than God, although my faith is trembling.

Linda: Father, thank You for Your Son, Jesus. Thank You for the forgiveness of our sins, and for redemption by His blood. Thank You for loving us, guiding us, and protecting us through all our trials and tribulations in this life. Thank you for being with us and loving us faithfully. For the inner strength in us that is from You. For the miracles You bring everyday. We are Yours by the name of Jesus who sits with You.

Dodie LeVoir (Dallas, USA-TX): Praying for the persecuted church and our Family world-wide. In fact, hearing from an elder brother in Faisalabad, Pakistan: It was only about two weeks ago, they had homes burned, women and children executed in nearby village of Korian.

Baxter Nyirenda (Blantyre, MALAWI): My Uncle, Mr. Temwa Chanaichi Nyirenda, is suffering from lung cancer and is in critical stage. Please pray for a miracle and a healing from the Mighty above.

Kim Murphy: Please pray for me. My husband sent me divorce papers suddenly. I've moved out of my beloved home. Our 3 young adult children are so confused and hurt. Our youngest, age 19, is in Iraq and he will not speak to me since.

Brittnie (IRAQ): I am a soldier in Iraq. I have a prayer request. I would like you to pray for the men, women and children in Iraq. Though this may be a different type of prayer request, I think that we need to keep these people in our hearts.

Kim (USA-OR): Attacks... I'm in the mist of a spiritual battle (Praise God). The stakes are high. Please pray for their destruction and to leave me; and wisdom for me. In Jesus name.

Darren Smith (Joaquin, USA-TX): Please pray for Sam. We had to let him go from the ministry work, yesterday. Pray that he find the way to develop a true relationship with God and to stay away from crack cocaine, that he learn the truth will set him free... Pray that he learn to become a true man of God

Nell (Galveston, USA-TX): I am having some stomach problems.(I think could be brought on by the low dose aspirin I am told I need to take)

Marshall Diakon

       Hannah's condition is worsening. We have appts this AM with doctors and I will have an update later today. If you wish to come by the hospital, we are trying to be back after 1 PM today. We will not be available before 1PM. Thanks,


       please pray for a friends daughter who is in the air force and had a baby just a few months ago and just got her orders to go to iraq..she is a doctor also for a gal in ohio who has breast and throat cancer..she is in her 40's with kids.. protect them and bless them in Christ


       Daughter, Minette & now son-in-law, Cedrick, were married after "church" this past Sunday at the Stanton Park Pavilion. Our "Preacher Dan" officiating! Karin said they have been having "a house full" of GUESTS over the past couple of weeks, but WILL BE IN CHURCH THIS COMING SUNDAY! (It will be good to see their smiling faces again, huh?) Please pray for all - that they reach home safely and will take Jesus to guide and help them along the way.

Karin Gram

• For Bob Francis, homeless man who washes windows to make a little money.

• For Susan A and Connie R who are being evicted and who need housing. Susan' has a child with autism.

• For Sarah L who is losing her job and needs assistance for herself and her small son.

For a new group which may be refounding a major religious Order. May the Holy Spirit guide them in this.


       First of all praise to God for everything! Shawn's surgery this morning on his hand seemed to go well. He just started to feel the pain late this afternoon and we are trying to keep him comfortable with the medicine the doctor gave him. Secondly...thank you to all who prayed. Our family appreciate it greatly. Love,

Todd and Cindy

       Could you please include in your prayer chain a boy named Avi Ben Stella, 12 years old and in a critical coma after a car accident? Thanks so so much.


       I am sending this out to all my Christian friends asking you all to join with me in this prayer together for my friend Gail. She has been diagnosed with brain cancer similar to Wes's. This morning I felt impressed to pray this for Gail and when I opened my KLOVE encouraging word it was this..... see below. So i forwarded it and the following prayer to her. Tomorrow please keep her in mind and if possible pray for her between noon and 2:30 as some friends (2 of them are pastors) and I are going out to annoint her with oil and pray for her at that time. Thanks so much. Love


       Please send out the word for prayers for my brother William Delvalle. He has been in the ICU for the past 6 weeks. He had a heart transplant and each week suffered a serious complication. He has been on a ventilator and dialysis as he had lung and kidney damage from loss of blood flow and infections. Now he has a myopathy and cannot move any of his arms or legs. The new heart is working well but he is on several medicines because his blood pressure has been so unstable. He seems to be losing hope. He has some faith in God but mostly in word, not in deed. He left the Catholic church to go to the Tabernacle with an ex girlfriend but since she has been out of the picture, he does not practice much of any faith. My prayer is that God will heal his soul as well as his body. Or if it’s the Lord’s will, he goes in Peace. Thank you

Gloria R

       For my grandson Owen who is 3 months old and who has a cataract.

Barbara B

       Just to let you know Ed had a seizure Sat. He is in hospital. The cancer has spread to his brain & liver. He has 6 spots in the front lob of his brain and some on his liver. They are sending him to the cancer center in the morning. the Dr. said they can't cure it but might slow it down. Thank you for your prayers


For the repose of the soul of Mark Weed, who died of cancer at age 50 and for his wife Mary Theresa Paiva Weed.

Please pray for the soul of Leonard Stover, who died on Sat. 8/22/09.

Kim Chung, who has brain cancer.

An 8 year old boy from Ohio has cancer. Please pray. Here are the details written by his mom: Our son Sam is a wonderful young man who is 8 years old. He will be 9 in January. He is going into the 3rd grade at French Run Elementary School. Sam had been having some pain in his right knee most of this summer (2009). As the pain increased we realized that something might be wrong and we made an appointment for him to see an Orthopedist on 8/10/09. At this doctors appointment an X-ray was done of Sam's leg/knee and it showed that there was a mass that the doctor believed to be cancerous. Samuel went into the hospital just a few days later for a series of tests. He received a cat scan, MRI, and also a full body scan. Our family met with the pediatric oncologist the following day and Samuel was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Osteosarcoma. The cancer is in his right knee and it has also spread to both of his lungs. This is an agressive type of cancer and it will be treated with agressive forms of chemo. We are asking everyone to please lift up our litle boy Samuel Gordon Bish in prayer. We pray for healing!! We serve a mighty God and we know that HE can heal Sam if that is his will for Sam's life. Please be prayer warriors along with our family as Sam starts this very difficult journey in his young life. Today's date is August 16th, 2009 and all this has happened in 6 days. His first appointment was on Monday the 10th and by Friday the 14th he was in the hospital getting his Chemo-port put in his chest and a biopsy done. I figured if an animated woman walking around the world for cancer can get passed to millions, then so can this story.


25 Aug 09

please pray... Kristija Ruzic (Zagreb, CROATIA): I despering need encounter with Jesus and new hearing heart from Father through fellowship with Holy Spirit for Jesus' voice. I want to know Him. If someone in Holy Spirit really talk to pray for please do it.

Mervyn Gabarura (Lae, PAPUA NEW GUINEA): Pray for Grace Gabarura, as she has a strong cough on her chest. That she may receive healing from the Healer Lord Jesus Christ.

Marshall Diakon

       DEAR ALL, You who have been selected to receive this particular mailing are, unconsciously, joined with a gentleman, I just met yesterday, by the name of Robert Marisay - a new friend and a fellow B.B & AIR GUN COLLECTOR. ROBERT is the only person I have met that actually had a close relative that was killed in that terrible tragedy, and that being his SISTER who went down on "Flight 93" on the day "9-11". Along with our "Patriotism" set aside, as requested below, for this day of infamy, I ask you to Pray for ALL of the families of Americans (and "others", if and where applicable, who were killed, on that day. Robert, and I'm sure all of the other family members, carries the hurt of this experience with him daily - and "I pray God will grant him release of some nature that will ease the pain in his heart." Thank you for joining me in that prayer!

I need a lot of general prayers right now. I'm having a lot of pain, had a bad fall. Having some personal issues, Kids issues & some major financial issues. Please focus some prayers on me and my family. Julie Daniels

Ron Neel from Glendale - tumor on his brain & in his lungs (cancer). His dad died last year & his mother, Betty, has lung cancer and is terminal.

Sandra Nichols - prayers & praise: Connie Authement has been experiencing more back and leg pain and is seeing a dr. in the next month to see if surgery is needed. Other than that, she is happy with her move to Texas. Her sister-in-law has started going to church with her and is so thinking about getting baptized. Yeah ! ! ! Even her brother has been going and he hadn't been to church in over 20+ years. Praise in their growth! ! ! (And an extra praise for sister Connie in her ministry - but we miss her here, too! - hb)

Jake Young - Prayers for my younger sister - she has a problem with a lump in her bosom and undergoes surgery Sept. 9th. My family doesn't have a good track record with this problem!

Debbie Dixon - Please continue to pray for Elaine Dixon and her health. Continue to pray for my friend Shelley for the loss of her husband - that she would get to know Jesus as Lord & Saviour. Please also pray for my friend Katy Cady with many home & spiritual issues. Pray she will get her joy back with the Lord. Please pray hard - she is a dear sister, visiting today in hopes the Lord will guide her somewhere she can get encouraged. She really needs lots of Love from Him.

Hugh - Thank God for this church made up of wonderful "people of God" - being a sanctuary from a Country and World of great troubles and problems created by man - NOT by our loving Father in Heaven. "Please, Father, forgive us for our weaknesses and greed. In Jesus' name I pray." (Date: 8-23-09 - The anniversary of my Audrey's birthday!) AND, Thank those responsible for having the Elders deliver the Communion Invitation.

Please pray for Charles Brabender. He is in Palo Alto, California, awaiting a liver transplant person. (Only 12 years of age!) Having problems. Needs the Lord's help and healing. Thank you!

Katy Cady - My husband has a severe brain injury from 2005. It has changed him dramatically. He is now angry, selfish, unpredictable, and childish. We have 2 young boys (12 & 14). Their dad ignores or constantly criticizes them. Because my husband is permanently disabled and will never work again, I have ---------------> ( -?-?-?-?-? Sorry, a portion was omitted from my copy -?-?-?-?-? ) <------------ from Josh Grisham & Debbie Dixon.

Bro. Hugh

       Hello Hugh, My mother in law who is my fishing buddy just found out she has lung cancer. Please put her on your prayer warrior list. He name is Marian.


       Maryann, My friend's 6 yr.old granddaughter is in the hospital with a collapsed lung. She was admitted there directly after seeing her pediatrician for having had a very restless night coughing. She choked on a drink while riding in the car, the prior afternoon, and apparently asperated the drink! No one realized anything was wrong; she seemed fine the rest of the day. Such a 'freak happening'!! She is now in the hospital being administered antibiotics and being given breathing treatments. Please keep this little one in prayer for a total and speedy recovery......and for her mother who is beside herself with worry.


       Dear ones, Here is the latest update on my friend, Gail Powell. Please pray for her and her family, that the treatment works. Also I would appreciate prayers for myself and my family, that whatever we learned from our experience, that God will use us to help Gail and her family through this time and all for HIS glory, so people see HIM. My heart is breaking for Gail and her family. I expected to get good news from the neurologist yesterday. Instead I got "you have an agressive (grade III)tumor that has been there about two months, fast growing. We have to hit it with radiation and chemo ASAP. OH, Joy. I really didn't expect to hear that at all. Next Thursday, Aug 27th I have two appts. for radiation and chemo Dr. then we go from there. These appts are in Portland.


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