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       As a Vietnam Era Vet I would like to honor my cousin "David Provost," from Connecticut, and a high school friend, "Harry Anderson," from Massachusetts, and all those "Brothers and Sisters" who gave their lives for their country in Vietnam. For these great persons I have written the following poem:

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The Restless 58,000

By Bill Richer

Though you have left us,
We are still here.
We are here by your command.
We have fought to the bitter end.
We are here all alone.
The flag still flies high in our hearts.
Yet, at home, some have mocked our efforts.
Some have even given comfort to the enemy.
Do not be quick to forget us,
Because we are here on your account.
We fought to stop an enemy.
An enemy coveting world control.
We fought to make an oppressed people free.
Oh America, do not forget our memories.
Do not forget our ideals.
Because for these ideals,
We are here by your command.

Painting by Lee Teeter

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       I would also like to honor "Jerry Grzymala" from Ohio, who died from cancer from Agent Orange from serving in Vietnam. I would also like to pay tribute to "all the men and women" who have died one way or another after the war because of the war due to disease, depression, suicide, cancer, etc... Almighty God knows the pain they went through and may He forgive them all their weaknesses. May God also watch over "all those" who still suffer from this war today! Amen. +

Agent Orange

Casualties of Vietnam


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       I would also like to honor those "POW/MIA's," who never came home. Put yourself in their shoes! What if you were an MIA who was injured in the jungle waiting for someone to come for help! No one came! What it must have been like in those last hours or days! What if you were a POW, and you assured yourself that your government would never let you stay in such a place for very long! Many of these men possibly dying in these horrible places. Yet, there could be still many in these places! What are they thinking today? Have they forgotten the country that forgot them! Are they angry? God only knows! Yet the politicians seem to care less about the POW's and more about developing diplomatic relations with communist's Vietnam. I would like to ask God to comfort those who may still be living! I also would like to offer to God all the sufferings of the "POW/MIA's" that He might use them to bring our country back to God! For these men are truly this country's greatest heroes!


       Below are excerpts from a report called the Quang Report found in Moscow's archives. It shows the communist's intentions about our POW's and it gets me more angry that our politicians should have read it and done more to get them back! Please click on POW/MIA Flag below to read the excerpts from the Quang Report!

More on POWs in Laos

Hero at Ia Drang

Lt Col Hal Moore in Vietnam
Ret Lt Gen Hal Moore Today

       Outnumbered by the North Vietnamese, and almost overrun Lt Col Hal Moore led his troops to a hard fought victory at Ia Drang. Anyone who has seen "We Were Soldiers" staring Mel Gibson has seen this battle replayed. Hal Moore was a Catholic and he not only got the job done, he cared about his men and he deserves our praise and honor!


       Around September 4th of 2004 I watched "We Were Soldiers." Later on the 7th of September, I still had the movie on my mind for some reason. I decided to email Hal Moore if I could find an email address to email him. I was able to find his publicist and I emailed her with a message to Hal. I complimented him on many things and addressed him as Colonel. I left my address and phone number. I also told him I would be honored to make him a rosary if he wanted one. The next night September 8th, he called me and said, "This is General Hal Moore!" I about felt like I was back in military and just about stood at attention. (I didn't know his military history after Ia Drang.) After those few words, he thanked me for the compliments and told me he would take me up on making him a rosary because he had lost his. I made a black rosary, had it blessed, and sent it to him. Along with rosary, I sent him a letter saying that the rosary was made by a Vietnam Era Vet (myself) and that the rosary was made as a gift in behalf from all the Vietnam era veterans to honor him!


        Also on the phone, he really said he thought Mel Gibson was a great man. I asked him how accurate the film was that was portrayed by Mel. He said, "Mel did a great job!" I was really honored to talk to Hal Moore and I consider him a great hero. In battle he was a soldier when he had to be but he also wasn't afraid to show his Christianity! God bless him!

Inscription On Tablet Reads: "Stranger, go tell the Spartans we lie here obedient to their word!"

       I got the idea for "The Restless 58,000" from an ancient Greek battle with the Persians. Where about four to five thousand Greeks held a small pass in Thermopylae against a large horde of Persians numbering somewhere from 250,000 to 2 million Persians in the 5th century BC. 300 of these Greeks were Spartans and they did most of the fighting. King Leonidas was the Spartan King who was the head of the Greeks and his 300-man bodyguard.


       The King of Persia sent an emissary to the Greek King Leonidas. The emissary told the Greeks that he would grant their lives if they would lay down their arms. King Leonidas replied, "Molon Labe!" (Come and take them) Then the emissary said that soon the arrows of the Persians would blot out the sun! King Leonidas replied, "Then we will fight in the shade!"


       The Spartans and other Greek fought well for three days and won many battles again with the Spartans doing the brunt of the fighting. If it weren't for a Greek traitor, the Greeks would have held the pass. Yet, the traitor told the Persians a way through the mountains where they could surround the Greeks. The Greeks learned of the betrayal and ordered the Greeks to retreat. All of the Greeks retreated except the Spartans and the Thespians. They numbered around one thousand. King Leonidas knew that the Greek states were not united in this war. He also knew if they were killed in battle they would be martyrs and would unite Greece against the Persians. The Spartans and Thespians died almost to the last man. Their deaths did unite Greece to defeat the Persians. Above is a monument to the 300 Spartans in Thermopylae. At the bottom of the picture is the inscription that is on the monument. Also, about 150 years later after this battle, Alexander the Great attacked and conquered all of Persia and other parts of Asia and Africa. The Battle of Thermopylae was a battle that showed what good men could do when confronted with tyranny. It also was a battle to protect civilization. If the Greeks had been beaten by the Persians, the world may have never been the same as it is today.

The 300 Spartans

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Amnesty is Treason!

       Their Sacrifices in Vietnam, Korea, World War II, World War I and in all past wars and now in Iraq and Afghanistan were not made to make Corporations rich but to keep the American Dream alive!

Warning to those in Power in America!

       Those who have died in these wars and veterans who have died afterwards are now Guardian Angels of America! Do not take this lightly!

       Countless veterans from WWWII, Korea and even the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts have been exposed to asbestos while serving in the military and may suffer from the deadly cancer asbestos mesothelioma as a result. For more information about this cancer and how it affects members of the military community please visit the MAA Center website.

       Veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma are entitled to file a mesothelioma lawsuit. Please visit Mesothelioma Lawyer Center for more information and legal assistance.

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