A Christian Support Group

For God so loved the world...
that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in Him
should not perish,
but have everlasting life.
~ John 3:16 ~

WHO WE ARE:    Blindfaith316 is a diverse group of people, suffering or recovering from emotional and physical disorders, and healing through Scripture, uplifting messages, member support and intercessory prayer.

WHAT WE DO:    Each member receives mailings and prayer requests from Maryannda and [email protected] Member identity and e-mail addresses are kept confidential unless otherwise requested.

WHY WE EXIST:    Many members have succeeded in releasing past hurts, unforgiveness and old wounds enough to move beyond the shackles of depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, post traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, drug and alcohol addiction, and self-injury.

WHAT WE BELIEVE:    The healing power of God's Word is awesome. He is the Great Healer. Testimonials from members serve to inspire others and to praise God and give Him thanks.

~Love One Another~

What we need is to love without getting tired.
How does a lamp burn?
Through the continuous input of small drops of oil.
What are these drops of oil in our lamps?
They are the small things of daily life:
faithfulness, small words of kindness, a thought for others,
our way of being silent, of looking, of speaking, and of acting.
Do not look for Jesus away from yourselves.
He is not there; He is in you.
Keep your lamp burning and you will recognize Him.
~Mother Teresa~


Remember a bad deed as a wave comes into shore,
For when it strikes, it is no more.
Remember a good deed as it were a masterpiece,
For every good deed brings love, honor, and peace.

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word,
that ye may grow thereby.    1 Peter 2:2

God Has Kept Me Here For A Reason

God has kept me here for a reason.
I have survived because He has a plan for me.
I've survived the ruined relationships, the addictions, the consequences,
the back-stabbing from those I thought were friends, the sadness,
the illnesses, the losses, the deaths of loved ones,
the negative thoughts I've felt, the lack of support, the loneliness.
I've gotten through it all because I am blessed by His love.

Right now I release and let go of all those past hurts and misunderstandings.
I forgive all those who hurt me and I forget all of my grudges.
I push them away from me. I push them out of my life forever.
I recognize them all as evils, as the illusions that they are,
sent from the enemy to kill my spirit,
to steal my joy, to destroy my faith.

I leave everything in God's capable hands.
God is all there is; all else is a lie. I am abundantly blessed by His love.
I am at one with His Spirit. I ask Him to bless and guide my every step.
I know that when I walk with Him, He will never take me where His grace will
not protect me. I am in His hands all ways and always, now and forever.


Please e-mail us by clicking the email box below. Tell us about yourself.
Feel free to send in any questions or concerns.  WE CARE.