My Story - A Catholic Witnessing

       It was Dec 6, 1971 and I was being discharged from the Air Force of the United States of America. The Viet-Nam War was winding down. (Before the war, I wanted to be a US Marine. Yet, with a cousin and a friend killed there and with our government with no resolve to win there, I chose the Air Force.) Was I Depressed! I wanted to be a career man in the military and in another sense I was glad I was out. While our men in Viet-Nam were dodging bullets and mortar the military at home were dodging insults and ridicule. To be a GI in those days was to be a really low form of life. So, I left the Air Force with a lot of mixed feelings.

       I also felt real bad for those American men and women who lost their lives in the war. I composed the following poem about them:

The Restless 58,000

Though you have left us,
We are still here.
We are here by your command.
We have fought to the bitter end.
We are here all alone.
The flag still flies high in our hearts.
Yet, at home, some have mocked our efforts.
Some have even given comfort to the enemy.
Do not be quick to forget us,
Because we are here on your account.
We fought to stop an enemy.
An enemy coveting world control.
We fought to make an oppressed people free.
Oh America, do not forget our memories.
Do not forget our ideals.
Because for these ideals,
We are here by your command.

       Through all those mixed feelings came a emptiness hard to understand. I needed to grab hold of something and hang on to it for dear life. Sometime in early 1972 I found that what I wanted and what I needed was God. During the late high school years and through the Air Force I did not do much about going to Mass or doing any church service. I hung around a lot with Southern Baptists who were really nice people and seemed to me were somewhat more friendly than the people in New England. Yet, I asked myself, even though I was raised Roman Catholic and had eight years of parochial school, what was the true church in the Bible that Christ talked about that the gates of hell would not prevail against? I also found that with all the conflicting ideas or so-called truths that the different Christian churches had, one church has to be right and all the rest have to be wrong! So, I went through the Bible and found some real important information. In a few places it said that we should trust only in God totally. Another quote was "Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you."

       Well from these quotes I derived that if I asked a Catholic Priest which was the true church, he would say the Roman Catholic Church. If I asked a Baptist Minister which was the true church, he would say his and so on and so on. So, I said to myself. If I can only trust totally in God, I will ask Jesus.

       So, every night for about three to four months I prayed to Jesus and asked: "Which church is the true church that all Christians should be going to?" The three to four months seemed like years but I prayed with great faith and trust. On one night at the end of this period, I had a dream of Jesus Christ and He told me: "I will be with you always." I awoke the next morning feeling really great but Our Lord did not answer my question.

"I will be with you always!"

       So I prayed this same question for about another two weeks. Then, I received another dream. It was Jesus again standing in front of Notre Dame Church in Southbridge, Massachusetts where I was Baptized, had my First Communion and Confirmation. He then said to me (and I believe to all peoples): "If you love Me, you will come here." So, I firmly believe He wants all Christian people to go to the Roman Catholic Church. Another proof of this is that if one keeps an open heart and mind to God's Love and Truth, there can be no other true church than the Roman Catholic Church and all of the books (including the Bible) and literature I have ever read only confirms the truth of the Roman Catholic Church established by Jesus Christ and my dreams.

"If you love Me, you will come here!"

What I have learned since these dreams

       I have learned that we all have a corrupt nature and we are all prone to sin. The temptors of the flesh, the world and the devil are always with us on this earth inviting us to fall. Yet, some people are tempted more than others and God only knows why! Yet, those who are tempted much must not think because they get these temptations often this is a way of life and is not sin. We only need to look in the Holy Bible to see what is sin for in it God shows us right from wrong!

       From the bible in the quote "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life..." I have learned much. I learned there are two parts to God's will. One is the Truth which is in "The Ten Commandments" and all the truths in the Bible which we should follow without emotion! Yet the other part is what is God's will for me in my life? What does He want me to do? Well sometimes this is always the hardest one but if we have a prayerful life and always keep communication with God open He shows us His Way for us and gives us strength over our corrupt nature. There are also those who go in periods of depression or anxiety and have a hard time to pray such as those with PTSD. Yet St John Vianney tells us this, "If you cannot pray, let your Guardian Angel pray in your stead!" So, therefore if we walk His Way in His Truth, He will welcome us to Eternal Life!

       I also have learned that many in highest offices of the church have saddened many of the faithful in their love for money and power and in doing so have left many astray even to the point of leaving the church. This has caused great confusion. The faithful must understand even those who claim to be our Shepherds of the church can fall too. It does not mean the faith is not here, it means that there are wolves in sheep's clothing in the church and must not follow them but pray for them. It is a sad day when those shepherds should be giving good example to all and especially to our politicians instead of becoming politicians themselves. Yet again yes we all should be giving good example but we all fall at times. We live in an age of great confusion.

       The last thing I will mention, many will not believe but I must say it anyway. In the Bible Jesus made Peter the first Pope of the Catholic Church. This was the start of Christ's church. Yet, I find nowhere in the Bible where it says if a Shepherd of the Church falls from grace, I can start another Church. Today there are so many types of Christian churches that it is chaotic. Yet I know one day soon it will be one church again.

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