Christmas Remembrance

By Bill Richer

With sleighs, snowmen and snow covered ground,
This is when Christmas comes merrily around.
With children waiting with quiet anticipation,
Santa Claus comes to deliver every expectation.
It's the season to find and decorate a tree.
It's the time for the spirit to be full of glee.
It's a period for families to gather with care.
They exchange gifts, talk and have a bit of cheer.
Still. there is a part of Christmas many leave out.
It is the birth of Jesus Christ without a doubt.
They really enjoy to eat, drink, laugh and sing.
Yet, they forget what this momentous day did bring.
Hence, we must recall this occasion in a Holy way.
We must find time to cease for a moment and pray.
Then, every year at the Yule-tide without delay,
We must place Christ into our Christmas Holiday.

Keep Christ in Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

©Copyright Poems, William J. Richer