My Dream & Constantine & the Cross

       I have always had our military in my heart and in my prayers and always will. I have been praying to God to keep those in our military faithful to God. On January 25, 2006, on the feast day of the conversion of St. Paul, I had a dream. There was this life size cross of Christ just standing there in the open. I was putting symbols of each branch of the military on the Cross as one would light candles for a intention but my intention was that our military stay faithful to God. I had a hard time getting all the symbols of all the branches to stay on the Cross but they finally did. Each time I got a symbol of a branch of the military to stay up a Roman Soldier would stand by it. At first I was puzzled but I thought to myself, when have Roman Soldiers ever had anything to with fighting for Christians? I quickly came up with the answer that it was in the time of Constantine the Great. He was first Roman Emperor to fight for Christians to practice their faith. In fact he was in civil war and was outnumbered.


       I feel this dream tells me that the way things are in this country we are more and more being held back from practicing our Christian faith every day. There are dark forces in our country today as in Constantine's time trying to destroy Christianity. If you see the Latin words above each military branch on the Cross atop of this page, it says: "In Hoc Signo Vinces." It was the words Our Lord said to Constantine and his men before his great battle as they were viewing a cross above the sun. The words meant, "In this sign, ye shall conquer!" I believe because of my dream Our Lord is giving same promise to those in our military now that are faithful to Him and I believe to Veterans and Patriots. Below is the story about Constantine.

Constantine & the Cross

       In AD 312 Constantine invaded Italy. Maxentius is believed to have had up to four times as many troops, though they were inexperinced and undisciplined. Brushing aside the opposition in battles at Augusta Taurinorum (Turin) and Verona, Constantine marched on Rome.


       Constantine later claimed to have had a vision on the way to Rome, during the night before battle. In this vision he supposedly saw the 'Chi-Ro', the symbol of Christ, shining above the sun. A voice came from this sign and said "In Hoc Signo Vinces!" (In This Sign Ye Shall Conquer) Seeing this as a divine sign, it is said that Constantine had his soldiers paint the symbol on their shields. Following this Constantine went on to defeat the numerically stronger army of Maxentius at the Battle at the Milvian Bridge (Oct AD 312). Constantine's opponent Maxentius, together with thousands of his soldiers, drowned as the bridge of boats his force was retreating over collapsed.


       Constantine, the first Christian ruler - emperor of the Roman Empire, encouraged his troops to adopt Christianity. He made Sunday a day of rest and worship and requested his soldiers to say this prayer. Whenever in the field with his legions, Constantine set up a portable chapel. He prayed regularly, and before major engagements. He had 50 chosen legionaries as the color guard around the Labarum (a golden spear with a crosspiece forming a cross, from which hung a purple cloth with the images of himself and his sons, surmounted with a golden wreath and the chi-rho). Constantine's military brilliance and devotion to God inspired his legions to victory after victory over pagan forces beginning at Milvian Bridge outside of Rome in October 312 until his death.

       The great Italian painter Raphael depicted in stirring imagery the victory of Christ in the time of Constantine. The walls of the room are covered with elaborate frescoes portraying Constantine’s conversion and military success. But on the ceiling is perhaps the most powerful image of Christ’s victory. There, before a statue of the crucifixion, is a crumbled statue of a Roman deity. Through the Emperor Constantine, the crucified Christ has defeated paganism, the paganism that was at the heart of the Roman Empire.

Constantine's Army Prayer

       We know Thou art God alone;
We recognize in Thee our king.
We call on Thee for aid.
From thee we receive victory,
through thee we are made greater than our enemies.

We recognize thy grace in present blessings
and hope on Thee for the future.
We all beseech Thee, we implore Thee
to preserve our king Constantine
and his pious sons safe and victorious to the end or our days.

Constantine's Mother, St. Helena

       Helena, Mother of Constantine the Great, was put aside by her husband for a second marriage with better political connections. On his death, her son, Constantine, ascended to the throne, brought her home, and treated her as royalty. She used her high position and wealth in the service of her religious enthusiasm, and helped build churches throughout the empire.


       At the age of 80 she led a group to the Holy Land to search for the True Cross. She and her group unearthed three crosses in 326. At the suggestion of Saint Macarius of Jerusalem, she took them to a woman afflicated with an incurable disease, and had her touch each one. One of them immediately cured her, and it was pronounced the True Cross. She built a church on the spot where the cross was found, and sent pieces to Rome and Constantinople; the Feast of the Holy Cross on 14 September celebrates the event. Thus in art, she is usually depicted holding a wooden cross.

About Daughter of Constantine

       Constantia, daughter of Constantine, often prayed at the tomb of St Agnes. Constantia had leprosy and had promised to build a basilica in honor of St Agnes if she was cured. She was cured and St Agnes Basilica was built in the 4th century as a small sanctuary on catacombs where lay the remains of the saintly martyr. In the apse is a gold mosaic of St. Agnes with a pope on each side.

"If God is with us, who can be against us!"

       We live in sad times and we should always pray. I ask all those in military, patriots and veterans to keep the faith. I believe in my dream and I know if we all stay with God, He will defeat all our enemies no matter how great they may be, just as He did for Constantine. George Washington was a great leader who also had a great faith and in his vision he also tells us we shall win in the end! Also pray for America! Wear a sign of your Christianity!

George Washington, Father of Our Nation!

Christians Praying For America!