Easter's Meaning

By Bill Richer

From the heavens walks a man that calms.
Yes, it is Jesus entering the city, glorified with palms.
He has worked many a miracle time and time again.
Still, most people did not feel the impact He did ordain.
He taught the people to do what was right.
For by His Father, He is the guiding light.
He was sent on Earth with a mighty task.
It was the evil in man that He did unmask.
He sought to save man from his own destruction,
By permitting the fate of His own abduction.
He was crowned with thorns and called King of the Jews.
Then, on the cross at Calvary, He paid His last dues.
With all who loved Him growing in despair,
They laid Him in His tomb with tender loving care.
However, on the third day He did rise from the dead.
All that witnessed Him rejoiced and did bow their head.
Finally, His mission to save man was complete.
All man had to do was to make Satan obsolete.
So, if man can be good, honest and wise,
Like the Son of God, he would too, arise.


He Is Risen!

©Copyright Poems, William J. Richer