Inspired Poems For Life

By Bill Richer

The Great Seven
What Freedom Truly Is
What Is Sure
Who To Trust
Fortune Of Doom


The Great Seven

Oh Faith, how well do I do to rely on you.
For you make the long days seem not so blue.

Oh Hope, all my prayers are with thee.
For you make all my dreams become reality.

Oh Charity, you fill my soul with goodness and Love.
You make the Earth like the heavens above.

Oh Prudence, the gift of Wisdom is what you bring.
You make me think before I should spring.

Oh Temperance, you show me moderation is the way.
You keep my life well balanced day by day.

Oh Chastity, you show me life can be simple with glee.
You can make me feel like a child, innocent and free.

Oh Fortitude, your the endurance when I get the pain.
You keep me going even when it seems insane.

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What Freedom Truly Is!

Freedom is knowing how imperfect we are!
Its always trying to do our best by far!

Freedom is glowing in God's Eternal Love!
Its trusting all our needs in the wings of the Dove!

Freedom is following God's Laws always.
Its relying on His Mercy all our days!

Freedom is knowing our conscience is clear.
Being afar from His will is what we should fear.

Freedom is bringing others to God's light.
Showing them God wants them too in His sight.

Freedom is knowing that death comes to surprise.
Being ready and right is our duty for our prize.

And when the mask has been unveiled,
Into the Loving Arms of God our soul will have sailed!.

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What Is Sure

Mysteries abound the Earth and Space.
Man seeking to put the pieces into place.
Surely, man has some knowledge of science.
Still, how much can be held in reliance.
Then, it is not for man to open every door.
For forces unknown can change the score.
These energies are everywhere, all around.
There are two classes to be found.
There is Satan who uses deception as his whore.
There is God Who uses justice to ensure.
Then, there must be protection from this evil force.
It is God's Commandments we must endorse.
Hence, a universe of mysteries we cannot confide.
For a life with God is a life simplified.

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Who To Trust

There are those who would trust anyone.
These people being used unto oblivion.
There are those who trust not a soul.
They having the pain of no love to take its toll.
Still, you cannot stay naive or paranoid.
You must trust some and know whom to avoid.
Then, you must give trust a chance to take,
Before making a rash decision or a bad mistake.
It is wisdom that reveals the degree of trust,
Which reveals if a person be bad or just.
Still, our complete faith can only be given to one.
It is to God, may His will be done!

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Fortune Of Doom

In a world where people are losing hope,
Some people look anywhere to cope.
Some seek fortune tellers with their crystal ball.
Others need readings of palms to feel tall.
Still, others seek mediums to talk to the dead,
While some seek witchcraft to be totally misled.
Yes, it is sad to fall prey to such pretenders,
Where deviated truths and lies are the expenders.
How naive is it to believe in such nonsense!
How the power of evil has so much influence!
It is when one loses faith in the Divine,
That the deviates impose their evil fine.
So, when one loses the gleam of goodness,
It is replaced with egotistic lies and sadness!

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Remember a bad deed as a wave comes into shore.
For when it strikes, it is no more.
Remember a good deed as it were a masterpiece.
For every good deed brings love, honor and peace.

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©Copyright Poems, William J. Richer