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       Many people do not realize the work that goes into making hand-made rosaries and chaplets. A rosary takes around two hours to make labor wise. There are costs for the beads, the cross, the center and the wire and the supplies get more expensive every year.

       Also, a hand made rosary or chaplet is more durable and should last a lifetime with ordinary care. Rosaries or chaplets that you buy in stores are usually machine made and will break very shortly after you use them for a short period of time.

       I have a very strong faith in the rosary. It has given me many blessings. This is why I make my rosaries and chaplets from strong nickel-silver wire. This is also why I will guarantee the rosary or chaplet you buy from me as long as I am able to make rosaries and procure the supplies. What I mean is that if a rosary or a chaplet has a broken bead or chain, just mail it back to me and I will fix it for nothing as long as I am able to do it and find the same supplies for it. Just send enough for postage and handling so I can get it back to you. If for some reason you have a severe accident with the item you purchased, I cannot replace it. I feel if there are no more than three beads or two chains broken I will fix it for nothing. Otherwise if it is broken more than this I will still fix it for a small charge. I will fix items for free within reason.

       Also, if you order a certain item two different times, each item is not guaranteed to be exactly the same! It depends what supplies I can get from my supplier.

       If you want to buy a chaplet that you can't find anywhere, send me a email or letter by snail mail located on the order form describing what the chaplet is, how many beads it has and what color the beads should be and I can see first if I can procure the supplies and I can quote you a cost. A chaplet can be made if I can get the supplies and have the description.

       Below are lists of what I make for rosaries & chaplets. Many items may have links that will describe more what the item is, how it is prayed but this is for description purposes only because I can't always get the same supplies and some are just graphic descriptions.

God bless;

Bill Richer

Rosaries For Sale
(Darker worded items have links)

Item Description Color Price
Irish Shamrock Rosary Green Glass $ 32.00
One-Decade Irish Shamrock Rosary Green Glass $ 16.00
Brown-Wood Rosary Brown $ 25.00
One-Decade Brown-Wood Rosary Brown $ 9.00
Dominican (15 decade) Rosary Black or Brown $ 70.00
20 Decade Rosary Black or Brown $ 90.00
Black Cocoa Rosary Black $ 30.00
Brown Cocoa Rosary Brown $ 30.00
One-Decade Black Cocoa Rosary Black $ 12.00
One-Decade Brown Cocoa Rosary Brown $ 12.00
Lucite Rosary * $ 30.00
One-Decade Lucite Rosary * $ 12.00
Rewired Rosary   $ 20.00
Children's Rosary ** $ 15.00

Chaplets For Sale

Item Description Color Price
Chaplet Of Blessed Sacrament *** $ 16.00
Chaplet Of Seven Sorrows *** $ 25.00
Chaplet Of St Michael *** $ 23.00
Chaplet Of The Holy Angels *** $ 23.00
Chaplet Of The Infant Jesus *** $ 8.00
Chaplet Of St Raphael *** $ 6.00
Chaplet Of St Anne *** $ 10.00
Chaplet Of St Therese *** $ 12.00
Franciscan Crown Brown $ 40.00
Chaplet Of St Patrick Green Glass $ 9.00
Chaplet Of St Patrick Green Lucite $ 7.50
Chaplet Of The Holy Face *** $ 20.00
Chaplet Of St Anthony Brown $ 20.00
Chaplet Of The Immaculate Conception White $ 7.00
Chaplet Of The Precious Blood Red $ 16.00
Chaplet Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe *** $ 12.00
Chaplet Of The Five Wounds *** $ 15.00
Little Beads Of Our Lady of Consolation *** $ 7.00
St Jude 40 Bead Chaplet *** $ 20.00
Chaplet Novena In Honor Of The Nine Choir Of Angels *** $ 40.00

* Colors for lucite rosaries (Aqua, Blue, Pink, Sapphire, White, Emerald Green, Amethyst, Black, Topaz)

** Colors for children’s regular rosaries (black, blue, pink, red, white, aqua, violet and brown)

*** Colors for these are usually chosen by me because it depends if your male or female and unless specified ahead of time.

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