My Treasury Of Chaplets

By Patricia S. Quintiliani

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       This new and enlarged edition is a remarkable collection of hard to find prayers that are prayed with beads like a rosary. Some of these rare devotions carry heavy promises attached to their recitation. Mrs. Quintiliani has done us a great service in researching the sources of these special prayers and has included that information in the book. Now we can pray again chaplets in honor of Our Lord, the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Spirit, our Lady, the Angels, Saints and the Poor Souls in Purgatory. These prayers are powerful weapons against the powers of darkness which surround us today. Included is the Divine Mercy devotion, the Holy Face, Holy Angels, Precious Blood and the Seven Dolors of Mary. A true treasury! Compiled from Approved Sources. Introduction by Fr. Vincent P. Miceli, S.J. 328pp.

       Patricia is a friend of mine and is a person full of faith and love for the Roman Catholic Church. She did many hours of research in writing this book and it shows. For those who are looking for a good book on chaplets, this is the book to get. You will not find another book like it! I highly recommend it! -- Bill Richer

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