A Sign in the Night

By Bill Richer

On a dark, solemn, quiet night,
I prayed with my heart in such a fright.
I worried about what my future would be,
Because an event I caused, depressed me.
Walking back and forth with rosary in hand,
Asking the Blessed Mother to help me stand!
Asked, if in the future, I could count on her aid,
Give me sign, a shooting star, to make me less afraid.
A moment later, with a more humble heart,
I left to her whatever sign she would impart.
No sooner did these words leave my mouth,
Then a great light came over a tree going South.
It looked like a giant spotlight shining out at me,
But when overhead, night was day, and all, I could see.
It was a giant shooting star streaking across,
Bringing me hope from the Lady at the foot of the cross!

Exactly What Happened
on the Fall day in 1992

       On one Fall night in 1992 I was praying the Rosary in my yard. I often loved to pray the Rosary while gazing at God's creation of the stars. On this night I was really depressed. I asked Our Lady to please give me a sign that help was coming soon because I was losing all hope. I asked her to let a shooting star streak through the sky as a sign. Yet, as soon as I said this, I said to Our Lady in deep humility that she should give me the sign that she wanted and not the sign I wanted. After this transpired and I turned the other way to pray, I suddenly saw the ground light up. I turned around at the point where I had prayed and a great light was coming from behind the trees. At first I thought it was a helicopter with a big spotlight. Yet, what it turned out to be was the biggest meteor I ever saw. It made the night like day as it went over the trees and then it disintegrated into the atmosphere. I had received my sign. It was a matter of seconds from the time I had asked to the time it happened.

©Copyright Poems, William J. Richer