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Description of Lists and Documents

You will receive a html file to put on your desktop from [email protected] When you open this html file on your desktop you will see link to lists on web pages you have chosen and the days new entries will be added. I had to change my way of doing my lists because email services have clamped down on free speech. Also, on documents you can download them by right clicking on links and click on save link as.

Catholic List (Articles, Prayers, News, Saint's Quotes and Saint's Feast Days)

Protestant List (Articles)

Bible Readings (Bible Readings for the week)

Prayer Intention List (All on list pray for each others prayer intentions and others)

Poems & Stories List (Very Inspirational Poems & Stories)

Jokes List (All kinds of Jokes)

Recipes List (People on this list share their favorite recipes)

General News List (Not for faint of heart)

Helpful Hints & Medical Notes List (Sharing gardening, household and everyday life advice and Medical Helpful Hints)

American Theme (Poem on what America should be that I wrote)

American Theme

Constitution & Declaration of Independence (Declaration of Independence & US Constitution)

US Constitution & Declaration of Independence

Changes in Constitution (Some possible subversive changes in Constitution)

Changes in Constitution

Men who signed Dec of Ind (What Ever Happened to the 56 Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence?)

Men who signed Declaration of Independence

George Washington (Several known and little known articles on our best president George Washington)

George Washington

Ghost at Valley Forge (The Ghost from Valley Forge)

Ghost at Valley Forge

High Flight WWII Bomber (The poem High Flight written in WWII with a bomber)

High Flight WWII Bomber

High Flight F-15 (The poem High Flight written in WWII with a F-15)

High Flight F-15

High Flight FB-111A (The poem High Flight written in WWII with a FB-111A)

High Flight FB-111A

Why I love Her (John Wayne narrated this article on Why I love Her {America})

Why I Love Her

MacArthur Poem (Poem that Gen. MacArthur carried all over with him)

MacArthur Poem

MacArthur Speech (Famous speech, Duty, Honor, Country by MacArthur)

MacArthur Speech

Patton Speech (Famous speech Patton gave to the troops)

Patton Speech

Pledge of Allegiance (Famous talk on Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton)

Pledge of Allegiance

The Wall Poem (Good poem on the Vietnam Wall)

The Wall

Restless 58,000 grunt (Poem I wrote with pic of grunt in Vietnam, The Restless 58,000)

The Restless 58,000 (Grunt)

Restless 58,000 Medic (Poem I wrote with pic of Medic Helicopter in Vietnam, The Restless 58,000)

The Restless 58,000 (Medic)

Give Me Liberty or Death (Liberty or Death Speech by Patrick Henry)

Give Me Liberty or Death

What is a Marine (Description of a Marine)

What is a Marine?

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